Hell’s Kitchen~York, PA Jon Scallion


I love Hell’s Kitchen and get a huge kick out of Chef Ramsay.  This is season 11 and one contestant, Jon, is still in the running.  I believe they start with 20 and there are 9 chefs remaining.  Jon Scallion is from York, PA so I’m rooting for him.  He also seems to be the most capable chef.  Seriously.

Here’s his bio from the Hell’s Kitchen website.


Go Jon!  You have a cool last name, especially as a chef. 😉


Zack, from Phila, PA has turned in his jacket.  Now it’s down to Jon and 4 female rivals.  Will Jon beat out all the ladies to be the winner of Hell’s Kitchen?  I have my fingers crossed!

Jon is seriously funny when he gets a moment in front of the camera.  I was laughing at all his comments.  He is most definitely, no denying it, from York County.  He thinks like a redneck!  Perhaps he can come up with a good groundhog recipe so we have a steady supply of free protein right outside our doors.

Jon’s Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/JonHK11?fref=ts

Go Jon!  Be the onion among the roses!  ~P.

7/27/2013 Update: Jon was eliminated this week.  I am totally bummed out.  ~P.


  1. Missus Tribble says:

    We love Hell’s Kitchen USA – although I suspect we’re a year or so behind you 🙂

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