Esther gets to use an oven

The casual Esther

The casual Esther

Esther is taking a break from the Amish world and enjoying her time with her boyfriend at his digs.  Mirkat, her boyfriend once again, is enjoying Esther’s breakfast cooking abilities.  “I love watching her cook” he tweeted.  (Bet she is loving cooking with gas.  Woot Woot!)  Not that we need reminded but Mirkat also tweeted, “The Amish manage without electricity all the time.”

I totally get his fascination with watching Esther cook.  The way to a man’s heart is food and I’m thinking Esther should have no problem keeping Mirkat happy.  I wonder if he will teach her how to cook some new dishes.  There is something to be said for a man who can hold his own in the kitchen.

Keeping it hot in the kitchen girlfriend

Keeping it hot in the kitchen girlfriend

All that gas oven use must make the kitchen warm.  Esther that little piece of skin between your hot shorts and #5 t-shirt, is that a tattoo?  That would be a super naughty girl move, so now I’m REALLY curious….

Well, after that all out Twitter war, I’m glad to see things have settled down.  If things continue to go well, can we hope to see Mirkat joining in the mafia?  Perhaps a new bad ass dude to give Levi a run for his money and green corn?

All I can say is…MAKE IT HAPPEN!



  1. I really don’t know anything other than the basics you see on tv about the Amish community so I just wondered what the take was on wearing glasses and medical treatment?

    • Well, I see Amish with glasses so they must go to eye doctors…or at least Walmart. Perhaps Amish doctors….I don’t know either. Any one out there??

      • I know for a fact the Amish do go to eye doctors. I work for one, and I have waited on them. They are very nice people!!

  2. I can’t believe she’d be with someone who objectifies her and mistreats her. I’ve read about the allegations of Domestic Abuse, and the fact her “bf” who “loves her” was acting like a disrespectful piece of trash by saying “I bagged the chick from Amish Mafia” Grow the fuck up, treat her right, or she’ll leave your little boy ass for a REAL man like me.

  3. Pattie, and the other ladies, please forgive my language…I try not to cuss in the presence of ladies…But it just bugs me.

  4. Brittney Espinosa says:

    What is his Twitter, an what is yours Patty?

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