Elegantly Haunted Art

The glass begged to be drank from… the black stem branching out from its base erupting into black and white…naked, leafless trees.  Left exposed to shine through the blood red wine.  The guests draped in the ghoulish costumes; gushing over my beautiful stemware.

Brandy Boswell, is a local artist and business owner in York, PA. Brandy began hand painting glassware for her annual Halloween Party. After her friends and family discovered her distinctive talent the need for her art exploded.  Her website is easy to navigate to view all the art and how to care for it.  http://www.elegantlyhaunted.com/

If you have another holiday in mind or a theme to your dining room Brandy is your go to girl for any custom painting on glass.  Painting has been a form of art for over 10,000 years.  Think about it; the first painting was done by cavemen on his walls.

If you have an idea and can envision it on glass, contact Brandy Boswell at elegantlyhaunted@gmail.com for an estimate of your unique, custom painted piece of work.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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