Likes, Dislikes & Just don’t get

Just because this is my blog and I can.


making photograms

angry birds

mean comments about me on my own blog/facebook



ties that don’t rip my hair out by the root


eyebrow mites

car that doesn’t start

carpet stains


going over on my data plan


math with weird symbols

blog awards

dogs that are fussy where they pee

where the magic in my eraser goes

telephone books

There you go!   My likes, dislikes and what I don’t get.

What do you like, dislike or don’t get?



  1. Now i like blog awards one the mean someone actually read what you wrote, two they actually liked what you wrote anf three they actually think others will like what you write, you know i am gonna nominate you now for one of the ones I have sat waiting to be accepted 😀

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