Dear John~aka Mr. Know It All

Dear John,

You wonder why I get so pissed off at you.  Did you ever stop to think it’s because you firmly believe you know everything but when it’s convenient, you plead ignorance?  This morning is a great example.

Dale and I stayed up late watching movies (which you probably know since my Facebook is so closely followed by you and your minions) and I forgot to plug my cellphone in.  So this morning when you have Tesla at the playground (and I’m really curious if it was you or Heather since I know Heather takes Tesla to church, not you) and she falls off the monkey bars, you resort to calling Walt to notify me that Tesla is injured.

Really, the only person you know how to get in contact with is my father?  Not that long ago, you had your lawyer pursing Dale as a convicted felon.  You knew his first, middle and last name, birthday, address etc. in an attempt to keep Tesla away from me, yet you don’t have Dale’s phone number?  I know I’ve called you from Dale’s phone.  He’s also in the phone book.  It’s also all over his truck in large letters advertising his computer business.  Amazing how you manage to know everything you possible can about Dale and I except how to contact him if there is an emergency and I can’t be reached.

So you have Dale’s number now that I’ve called you and made a point of you saving it for emergency purposes.  Dale would never have a problem with you calling his cell to relay a message about Tesla.  Unlike that bitch of a girlfriend you continue to entertain.  Heather doesn’t want me to EVER call or text her cell, even when she has Tesla because your off doing whatever it is that makes you happy at the moment.  It’s well-known how you do what you want, when you want.  Hell, you even do who you want with no consequences because you are the king, top dog and big man of your universe.

Now Tesla has a broken left arm.  Not just broken and a cast, but broken so badly she has to have surgery tomorrow.  You knew how much I wanted to see my baby girl this morning at the hospital but would you allow me to come in and see her.  Oh hell no.  She was being discharged and you were leaving immediately even though I was already on the way in.  I said I’d come get her at the house if you weren’t going to wait and you shot that down also.

Our daughter breaks her arm and you won’t even let me see her.  That’s sad John.  Instead, you make her and I wait until the court appointed time of 7PM tonight.  Does that make you feel like you’re in control?  Not allowing mother and daughter to see one another after she suffers a traumatic experience.

The only thing that kept me from completely losing my temper was speaking to Tesla and hearing the pain medication was helping her.  I guess until I pick her up tonight I will remain in the dark concerning what really happened.  Tesla reassured me I can get her at 7 PM, clearly you already pumped that into her head.

I managed to raise two boys who never broke a bone, yet you and your lawyer are constantly doubting my parenting abilities.  Every serious injury Tesla has had happened on your watch.  From four-wheeler accidents to broken arms….maybe it’s time custody is heard by a judge once again.  This time, I’m bringing back-up.  ~P.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Was he even present or was it only one douchebag? did she really fall or was one of the kids out to get her?

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