9-year-old’s reign of terror

Day care rampage caught on tape 9-year-old’s reign of terror – YouTube.

Shouldn’t this boy be charged with something?  Yes, the daycare worker wasn’t paying attention and has been charged for her lack of it, but this boy needs to learn what he did was wrong.  He also needs some therapy and counseling or he will wind up behind bars.

Just my thoughts,



  1. He’s not old enough to be charged with anything, though juvenile courts may entertain the notion of pressing charges but it’s highly doubtful considering nothing he did resulted in death, dismemberment, or injury of serious nature. It’s times like these where you wonder what the parental influence is like in his life and if this behavior is mirrored behavior. If not, the kid has the beginnings of mental illness, but the chances of him falling through the cracks on that too is mammoth. Depending on if his parents have medical insurance that covers psychiatric care, medications, and treatment it’s likely that a whole lot of nothing will be done beyond parental care that is responsible and responsive. The chance of that happening? Flip a coin.

  2. What is scary is that his family while at first saying they are embarrassed don’t seem to see anything wrong with his behaviour. They say he is a normal kid but is on medication and is known for hitting other kids. You get the feeling that no matter what he does they will deny it and make excuses

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