Manchester Playground Carnival 2012

First a BIG thank you to Donna Burns for inviting us to the Manchester Playground Carnival.

The carnival had just about everything except over-priced rides and games.  Tickets were priced at 25 cents each and if you bought $20 worth, an extra 10 were thrown in for free. That $20 worth of tickets lasted the entire three hours we were there.  Not just for Tesla, but Blaine, Zeth, Suz and myself.  Dale wasn’t interested in playing the games but did enjoy watching us have a blast.

The bounce houses, slide and obstacle course were great for the kids and the dunk tank made quite the splash also.  There were all types of food vendors, retail vendors, face painting, Rose Radio played music, and the coolest display was the reptile petting zoo by Critter Caravan.  The giant lizard had me amazed, along with the boa constrictor and the enormous turtle.

The big surprise of the night was the cake walk and prize stand.  I have never left a carnival where we needed bags to carry out all the prizes.  Tesla even won a chocolate cake in one of the cake walks.

What a delightful evening we had!  One that we all enjoyed and it didn’t break the bank.

Kudos to Manchester on the annual carnival!  If you missed it, you missed tons of fun for all ages.  There’s always next year…

Thanks again Donna!  We wouldn’t have known there was a carnival going on if it wasn’t for you!


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