Woot Woot! Reality Checks for All

It gets old being the “strong” person.  My family, friends and lawyer all tell me to “hang in there.”  I am tired of hanging around, hoping things improve.  Something needs to be done.  Of course, that takes money.

I get blog comments from people who I may or may not know.  For example, here is one from someone who refers to themselves as Reality Check.

Would you stop already with the “my house” crap, you seem to forget that he had that house way before you came along. And because of you, another woman was forced out of it and her marriage. You are a bit high and mighty for my taste considering what you have done in your past. I sure consider you to be a homewrecker so for you to call someone else one is ironic indeed!!!!

Reality Check is so bold with their accusations and label-making.  Like it’s the first time I’ve been called a name.  Shit, John called me “a bigger piece of shit than his own mother” and “fucking bitch” and “lazy bitch” and “shitty mother” so many times I couldn’t stop the dark, life-draining affect it was having on my psyche.  I was already depressed after the horrible mistakes hospital had made that almost caused my death.  I was struggling with recovering from giving birth, near death and stuck in the hospital while my newborn was home with a man who never had an infant in his care.

Things didn’t get better to be honest with you.  I became pregnant with our second child and lost it just after the first trimester.  The feeling of failure was over-whelming and John’s blaming it on me didn’t help.  His wanting to leave me the same day I miscarried gave that disease depression a firm grip on me that I am still working to shake.  Here is my response to Reality Check:

You can tell me to stop with the my house crap…but it is my house also. And, Reality Check, I did not wreck anyone’s home…..neither of them were happily married. You don’t know anything about what happened back then. If you did you would shut the fuck up because you would realize just how wrongly informed you are. If I wrecked a home, it certainly wasn’t a very happy home because I later found out they both were cheating on each other so regularly that it wasn’t even a secret anymore.  Hard for me to feel bad about that.
As far as the house goes, I sold MY house and took out a mortgage with John, using the profits of the sale of my house to pay off Diane so she would sign the divorce papers. At the last moment, she wanted $10K more to sign.

I can be high and mighty ALL I want because I don’t care what the hell you think. I’m not saying Heather is a homewrecker, I’m just saying it would be nice if she would currently butt out so after all this time I can get the divorce he filed for YEARS ago. So, Reality Check, the house is mine and John’s. Since I don’t know who you are, I’m guessing you are someone he used to or still is sleeping with. Hey, thanks for the comment!!! ~P.

See, people’s comments that stick up for John in any way are fine by me.  It just shows me how little they know about him.  If you want me to give any credence to a comment supporting John, have the balls to give your name.  I have nothing bad to say about John’s first wife, nor her husband Craig.  They are good people.  Do I believe she got screwed over by John?  Hell yeah!  I am not proud of the way he removed Di from his life and inserted me.  We were both being used but we didn’t realize it back then.  I’m sure she isn’t thrilled about making it into my writing, but if I wrote anything that was a flat-out lie or vicious, either she or someone in her family would contact me with the truth or a comment because…..they read my blog.

I know how the house came about.  It is true.  I had nothing to do with the house back then.  But my world was completely changed around for the man I fell in love with.  You cannot understand nor underestimate the effect John can have on people.  Not just women he is attracted to but people in general.  He will just barge into your life like a bull in a china shop and change everything to how he thinks it should be.  Especially if he feels superior to that person.  (which is everyone.)

So Reality Check is most likely a person who kind of knows John and feels bad he is going to have to sell his house.  Then again, it could be a perfect stranger who reads enough to just have an opinion.  Either way, opinions are like assholes.  .

Everyone has one.



  1. Reality Check says:


    Slept with John or am currently sleeping with him, HARDLY! Just wondering why you assume I am a woman? For the record their seem to be numerous people on your blog that comment without leaving a name so why should you care that I did it?

    It so happens that I DO know plenty about what happened back then. I do not pretend to know everything, nor believe everything I hear, that is completely idiotic on anyone’s part. I am not exactly sure why you are under the assumption that they were both cheating and I don’t care but rest assured, that wasn’t the case. Maybe instead of taking a man word’s on his relationship with his wife, you should’ve waited until she was already out of the house before going to get knocked up by artificial insemination, just to be sure. Did you ever think that maybe Di’s actions following the events were a way to cover up how badly hurt she really was?

    Honestly my problem with you is I can’t stand women who cry the blues when a man does them wrong(not saying John has done you wrong though), when they came into a relationship that way. Seriously what did you expect? I hear it all the time, “but he told me this..”, “I was sooo in love”, “i thought he changed.” How cliche!!!!

    And the high and mighty part comes from the fact that you cry on here all the time about how you are being cheated out of a business and house. You think John “owes” you a certain amount, whatever that is because I don’t know and I don’t want to know. But face facts, the economy sucks. No one will buy that house for what it’s valued at Pattie and business sucks for all business owners. I get the impression that you feel you should be paid based on what you are use to in your past. No one is living like that anymore. Grow up and face reality!

    Also, if you want out of the marriage bad enough why don’t you just take what you can get and run? You could always asked for amendmant, or whatever it’s called, that if the house would get sold down the road John has put a certain percentage into a trust fund for Tesla’s college education and call it a day. Seriously if you both keep fighting and paying lawyers and court costs how do either of you expect there to be anything left for your daughter? At the end of the day isn’t she all that really matters?

    I don’t know heather personally but here’s a thought. Did you ever think that she gets worse because of your blog? No one is perfect. My way of thinking is that she got into a relationship with John and tried to figure out how to deal with everything and made mistakes. Then gets crucified on here. That’s bound to push buttons. Making fun of her grammar is stupid, what if she is dsylexic? I don’t think she is but still you get my point. Maybe this whole blog is the reason you have more drama than necessary, maybe not.

    If you can’t take the criticsm and bad comments along with the good then you shouldn’t put your business on the internet. You are correct, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one, even you.

    • Reality Check…I didn’t assume you were female.

      I really don’t expect much of anything be to be left either, but yes. I do feel entitled to a divorce proceeding… just because he can’t ignore me until I go away.

      And, for your info, I didn’t get pregnant until long after we were married.

      Heather can stay or leave. Whatever.

      I take comments from everyone.

      This blog isn’t my life, it’s just an outlet for stress.

      Don’t like reading about my opinions…don’t read.

      Again, thanks for the comment. ~P.

    • “I am not exactly sure why you are under the assumption that they were both cheating and I don’t care but rest assured, that wasn’t the case.”

      Reality Check…how would you know? I didn’t take his word alone, nor did I assume. John’s not the only person who runs at the mouth.

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