Dear John~the call is free

Dear John,

   Why is it so difficult to just let Tesla call me once a day?  I don’t care if it’s before bed, after breakfast, after school, before her shower, after she eats dinner….WHENEVER!  When I get Tesla for those 4 days a month that the court orders you to allow me time with her, I STILL ask her to call you.  I can’t help it if she consistantly puts off the call.  Sometimes she puts it off long enough that I forget.  I don’t want to make Tesla feel like I am forcing her to do anything.  She tells me she wants to talk to me so based on that and the fact that she also says you tell her no she can’t call or you limit how much I can speak to her is BULLSHIT. 

Our child is smart.  Smart enough to know where she is catching all the poison ivy and smart enough to figure out who has a poisonous attitude. 

I demand to speak to Tesla tomorrow after school.  I’m sure Heather or LaDonna will pass this message on to you.  If not I can always email LaDonna or text Heather so someone in that freaking household gets the message to you to give Tesla a damn phone.

Finally, I am having a birthday party for Tesla.  I realize you and Heather are throwing a big whooptie-doo at our house with horse-rides and the whole works.  Will Heather try to have the catering done with her food stamps this year?

 Sad, since all those parties were my ideas for MY child but now that you have all these other children, Tesla is just thrown in as part of the side show.  Remember all the plans I had to do things for Tesla’s birthdays, vacations we would take her too, where she would go to school.  I doubt you do…you rarely let me get a word in edge-wise and usually my ideas were worthless to you. 

Now your ideas on the other hand were priceless!  Build a huge addition onto the house, cash checks from customers, buy expensive vacation timeshares, pay employees under the table, buy big boy toys, get a new pool….the list goes on and on.  That bright idea of filing for divorce to “scare” me into running the business your way and having lots of cash to spend on stuff you wanted….hows that working out for you?

You have been nothing but a thorn in my side for too many years now.  I can’t wait until all this drama wraps up and reality sets in for you and whoever you’re sleeping with in our bed that day.

And PLEASE I don’t need to even SEE you during exchange days.  The fact that you MUST walk up to my car and say something that you could have texted or emailed me proves to me that you just can’t stay away.  Deep down you must kick yourself in the ass for not having the patience to let your wife heal physically and mentally after losing our second child.  You can’t help your so self-centered.  That’s why I’m thrilled that you filed for divorce.  I’ll be in it til the end and….

The end is near,



  1. This Douchebag and his Douchenozzle is really pissing me off. A phone call to talk to her mom is not a big deal. One day, he’ll become aware that he is old and alone. He’ll blame everyone else except his sorry self. Dickhead.

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