wanting the rules changed

Even though I’m volunteering at Tesla’s school tomorrow, I’m not “allowed” to take her home right after school at 3:15PM.  John said he is “not making a habit of letting me have Tesla on Fridays.”  What the hell…he’s not making a habit of letting me see her at all!

Well, at first I was told I had to bring her right back to the house to change clothes and for me to sign a paper stating that she was permitted to leave early with me.   When I told him over the phone all that was unnecessary and that Tesla will remember all this bullshit he puts us through….

He  responded via text: Only thing she’s gonna remember is you constantly wanting the rules changed to suit you so if that’s all you gonna do then you can wait til 5 o’clock to get her at the house.

This man seriously does not see how his actions are affecting Tesla.

So far, he has ignored my responses to his text.

1. “Just let her leave with me.  There is no need for paper signing or clothes changing.  That is your hang up.  I can stop before I go in and sign your release.  Don’t let her wear clothes that you are so worried about.  Then there is no reason for me to drive her back to there and sign in front of her.

2. Do not punish Tesla by making her wait to leave at 5 PM.  There is no reason.

3. Are you sending in the note?  Yes or no?

Most likely, I won’t hear anything from him and he will make Tesla and I abide by HIS wishes.  Self-centered as always.



  1. Dear Douchebag DeCunty, Your Cuntiness:

    You’re like this little boy that has all of these precious toys that he never shares with other children in Kindergarten. You play with your toys and the ones you are not playing with, you bully the other kids from playing with them. When you are thwarted, you whine to the teacher and expect her to support your selfishness, but she doesn’t. She becomes your enemy. Life is always about you, the universe spins and expands around you, as you are obviously it’s center. You do whatever you can to keep control of everything, placing neat little tags on items all around you that you possess like your Douchenozzle, Tesla, working relationships, customers, family, friends, the dog. You fail to consider that your possessions have needs, wants, desires, feelings, and intelligence. You waste your life working plans for revenge, desiring only more possessions, manipulating people, and getting what you want at the expense of others. You hurt people who hurt you twice as hard as they hurt you. Your ego is so large it rides in the back seat of your car. You use people and throw them away. You lie to people. You cheat on people. You can never get enough of what you think you need, not what you actually need or deserve. You expect privilege when in all actuality you are a bottom feeding, lackluster, piece of shit stuck in Kindergarten being unable to play well with others or share. You are deceitful, hurtful, and a twat. You are a slimy, uncaring, calloused bitch with nothing better to do with your time than victimize everyone stupid enough to have ever loved your sorry, waste of flesh ass.

    You’re a sinking ship, too bad the rats are still holding on to go down with you. The only innocent people suffering at your hands are your daughter and Douchenozzle’s kids. You don’t care about that, after all to you they are all collateral damage. The only one that matters is you, your tiny insignificant penis, and the notion that somehow someone must eventually give a shit about you like you are entitled. There’s only one entitlement you deserve. Everyone knows what that is except you.

    No Love,


  2. I still say lawyer….u would not be putting up with this whatsoever

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