Lush Rimbaugh

Everyone has heard of Sandra Fluke campaigning about birth control and Limbaugh calling her names and basically not having the ability to think before he speaks.  Can you believe that guy?  How dare he insult and make fun of this law student?  Rush Limbaugh is a real Jhole.

Did he apologize?  Yes….was it sincere?  Doubtful.  He apologized because it was expected of him.  The publicity he has received since calling Fluke a slut and prostitute has been enormous.  Stating that Fluke should put videos up of her making use of the birth control was for attention.  I just rolled my eyes while fat boys lips continued down that poorly chosen path.

He is loud, looks like whale blubber and obnoxious.  How does his wife stand him?

I don’t listen to LushRimble because, what comes out of his mouth would never come out of mine.

Fluke has a point.  Birth control is expensive.  I agree, but what about all the other available birth control methods that are out there?  Shouldn’t Fluke want her sexual partner to use a condom?  Protecting herself not only from pregnancy but STDs as well?

I find it hard to believe the students can’t get their hands on condoms somewhere on their campus.  I know at York College of PA, many of the clubs hand out free condoms to get the word out about untimely pregnancies and diseases.

Maybe Fluke has been with the same partner for years.  In that case, why not an IUD?  I had one inserted and it’s good for five years.  If I remember correctly, it cost $800 for the piece of plastic and a doctor to put it up in there.

There are many ways to keep from getting pregnant.  The best way is to keep your pants on.



  1. Love your work, on this particular subject I side with Sandra Fluke for a number of reasons. One of the main ones being new legislature on sonograms for women who have opted to get abortions. The right to choose, whatever it is, should indeed be the right of the individual who bears the burden. Rush, RFK Jr. and Santorum, all cut from the same cloth, have they forgotten a woman carried and delivered them, have they forgotten that an individuals worth is not in fact gender based, can they possibly fathom the consequences of their actions? My God, if you can’t help us, then at least don’t hurt us. It’s men like these that breed discrimination, sexism, and break the very laws that they profess to follow, and none of these men are beyond reproach. Rush and RFK Jr. calling a 3rd year law student a slut simply shows how low rent they really are. Santorum professing that abortion is wrong, even if a woman has been raped, just proves how seriously delusional he is. Not to point out the obvious here, but even if Fluke is a call girl, there is a supply and demand situation, how on earth could this woman even survive in this profession without the patronage of men. And how can Santorum tell a woman who has suffered a horrible crime at the hands of a man that her decision and right to chose what is best for not only her but of the unborn that she carries is wrong? These men in my opinion need to pay more attention to the laws and penalties for sexual abusers and offenders, they need to do something positive for the very woman they pass judgement on.

    • Thanks Yvonne 🙂 I agree with many of your points also. Women should have the right to choose if they want and can have a baby. It is a personal choice. That said, there are other options. In this day and age, you can have your child, take it home for a period of up to two weeks (I think 2 weeks) and drop the baby at a hospital without any charges placed against the parent/parents. This recently happened in Philadelphia.

      There is a need for changes in health care. Unplanned pregnancies should not happen anymore. It’s just too easy to keep from getting pregnant. Pregnancy protection is the responsibility of BOTH parties. Just because you have an innie and not an outtie doesn’t get you off the hook. Practice safe sex!

  2. I went online and listened to his rant about her. To me it sounded just like all the other sarcastic rants he goes on. It’s his odd way of being sarcastic. he apologized, whatever who cares. The real issue here is why is this girls birth control OUR problem? You are positively right about condoms on campus — you can get them free in a hundred different places! I even went ri a strongly Bretheren college in the heart of freakin amish country and condoms were abundant. We had condom parties hosted by the residence life staff for crying out loud! Planned parenthood gives then out liked candy. To me, this law student is totally unresourceful.

  3. Fluke was speaking to a committee and arguing in favor of contraception being covered by insurance, even for private and religious institutions. She was mainly discussing how much birth control could cost and how unaffordable it is for some students, including those not using it primarily as contraception. During that, she told a story about a friend who needed birth control to control polycystic ovarian syndrome but couldn’t get it due to its cost and getting coverage for it denied by her insurance company.

    I don’t think personal sex lives ever actually came up during her testimony, and I still have no idea where Rush got the idea that Fluke’s had anything to do with why she spoke before that committee in the first place.

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