Why the parking lot at Dover Valley is always empty

// // //       Ate there one time.  Never returned.  Restaurant Impossible needed in Dover, PA.                                                                                              //

State     health inspections for Feb. 23

Daily Record/Sunday     News

Updated: 02/23/2012     11:51:30 AM EST

— Dover Valley     Restaurant, Dover Township.


— The person in charge     does not have adequate knowledge of food safety in the restaurant as     evidenced by this non-compliant inspection.

— During the     inspection, the inspector spotted an open employee’s beverage container in     a food preparation and a can opener and slicer that each had food residue     and was not clean to sight and touch.

— A food handler     touched a raw hamburger with gloves and did not remove the gloves and wash     his hands.

— Raw beef stored over     ready to eat foods.

— All refrigerator     door handles are not clean to sight and touch.

— 0 PPM sanitizer in     the wiping cloth bucket.

— Flour used to bread     raw chicken has clumps and not being sifted every four hours to remove the     clumps.

— Wiping cloth     sanitizer level was more than 500 PPM.

Food observed thawing     at room temperature on the back table, which is not an approved     thawingmethod.

— Observed wet wiping     cloths not being store in sanitizer solution.

Company comment:     Company could not be reached for comment.



  1. Pattie needsto learn thebasics of propersentance construction.

    • Sweetie, I just copied and pasted the YDR report. Honestly, I do understand the basics of proper sentence construction. I also know that sentence does not have an “a” in it. Thank you for the always welcome comments. ~P.

  2. mark and I ate there once. I ordered the chicken parmesan. As I was eating the chicken I noticed some plastic wrap in my food. I started to pull it out and realized half the chicken breast was still in the saran wrap! I complained and they only offered to discount the food, not give me a refund. I told the waitress to inform the chef and she told me she could not because they did not speak english. The kitchen, I learned, is run by mexicans. I offered to go back there and tell them myself, but I was not allowed in the kitchen (now I know why) and they would not come out. This was like 3 years ago. I have not eaten there since and would recommend it to no one.
    Also one of my fb friends ate there on friday and got food poisoning from the salmon.

    • I so can imagine you going back in the kitchen and towering over the Mexicans as you shout how bad their cooking is in Spanish. They would only be able to focus on your tatas. lol ~P.

  3. Mom and I ate there once and there was one if those “inspected by” stickers under her wrap…

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