Chips & Salsa $1.70

Jarrito's Mexican soda

Move over big bagels, burritos are in town!  The Azteca Mexican Grill opened on Grantley Street four months ago, taking the place of Big Apple Bagels.  I stopped at Azteca for dinner and to chat with Ayala, a full time employee of the grill.

Ayala said he enjoys working at the Mexican grill and the rush of student customers keeps him busy.  During the busiest parts of the day, he has one or two employees join him in making Mexican meals quick and easy.  The restaurant décor is southwestern with colorful sculptures and pictures on the walls.  There are seats at a bar area as well as individual tables.  A unique display advertises Mexican soda called “Jarrito’s” and is available in multiple flavors.

Pork quesadilla

The menu is simple: burrito, taco, quesadilla, fajita or salad.  Decide if you would like vegetarian, chicken, steak, ground beef or pork.  I had the pork quesadilla with fresh Pico de Gallo salsa.  It seemed a bit dry to me and I immediately began eyeing up my boyfriend’s chicken burrito.  He graciously shared it with me and my taste buds did a little happy dance when I bit into the juicy, bean and rice loaded burrito.  The burrito blew the quesadilla right off my plate.

Ayala told me the salsa and chips are made fresh so I asked him for a few to sample.  The tortilla chips are kept in a toaster and came out warm and crunchy.  The homemade salsa was mild, chunky and obviously fresh.  A handwritten sign on the counter informed me of many future lunches.  “Chips & Salsa $1.70.”  A second sign advertised a large coffee for $1.00.

My conclusions of Azteca Mexican Grill; the menu is reasonably priced for college students, the serving portions are large and overall the food tasted good.  The Flex card is accepted for payment and the college WiFi signal is available while dining.

I’ve already been back once since my first meal at Azteca, just for the chips and salsa.



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