Harrisburg PA Farm Show

Dale, Drew, Tesla and I attended the farm show in Harrisburg.

My first comment is: It is a long walk from the parking area at Harrisburg Community College to the farm complex.

Second comment: It would have taken longer to wait for the free shuttle than walking.  Actually, that was Dale’s first comment.

Third comment:  The farm show is free and great entertainment for all ages.

Fourth comment:  You still need some money for crappy food and silly souvenirs.  🙂

Tesla was in awe of the Clydesdale horses pulling wagons.  We stayed for the saddled riders also.  Tesla would have stayed forever.

Tess and I bought two cool things.  A handmade tutu and a rainbow mohawk hat.  I completely agreed with her choices and she looked adorable in that Punky Brewster way.

She wanted to buy two.


Farm Show hats


Bird Angry, Drew Happy


No betting involved


My girl


HACC eagle


We all liked the eagle we passed on the way back to the truck.  It’s one of Brad Heilman’s amazing eagles.  I recently blogged about a sculpture he did on Druck Valley Rd in York.  http://girlboxer1970.com/2011/10/18/chainsaw-sculpture/

We had a great day without spending too much money.  I enjoy every moment I get with Tesla.

She called me tonight, already missing me.  She said she wasn’t allowed to sing songs with me before bed.  I heard John in the background say she could sing one song with me.  She asked me after when I would be getting her.  I told her I would try to talk to her dad.  She tried to get him to talk to me but he refused.

Again, I treasure every moment I get.



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