We used to be like

We used to be like Shaggy and Scooby.

But now you act never knew me.


We used to be like Carole and Paula.

But now we only stumble and falter..



I get violent waiting for you….. violent waiting for you

violent waiting for you, violent waiting for you…

We used to be like Chachi and Joanie.

But now you act like all fucking phony.


We used to be like Marilyn and Joe.

But now you act like someone I don’t know.


I get violent waiting for you….violent waiting for you.

I get violent waiting for you….violent waiting for you.

I get so violent….violent…violent. I get soooo, sooo radical!

I wanna smack somebody!  I wanna kick somebody!

I get violent!  So violent!  Violent waiting for you!!!


 My friend that I’ve lost touch with wrote this song in 1995.  Her name is Jenny Jones and I met her in Harrisburg somewhere.  Very possible playing darts at a bar with my co-workers.  Jen kicks ass at darts.  Anyway her band was Chick and the CD is Someone’s Ugly Daughter.  The entire CD is awesome and she did all the vocals herself.  I believe she wrote all of the 10 songs except one.  She gave me the only copy she had left…or maybe I just never returned it.  LMAO  Hope to find Jen someday. 

If anyone out there knows Jen Jones from Harrisburg area let me know.  She was a line manager at Dole fruits.  I’m not sure anymore.  😦  Thanks!

Rock on,


Holy shit…I’ve been had.  Jen Jones had nothing to do with this album.  I just found it on the internet. 

What a pick up

 All songs written or co-written by C. Dane-Davidson, D. Sue, W. Vlad except “Surrender” (R. Nielsen).

Recorded at Hit Factory, New York.

Chick: C. Dane-Davidson (vocals); W. Chester (guitar); Mann (bass); W. Vlad (drums); D. Sue, M. Kim (background vocals).

What slick pick-up story she had.  And it worked…lol  😉  I would still like to find that gifted story teller.


  1. No way. She completely lied to ya. Jeez.

  2. Holy shit I can’t believe that!!! And all this time thinkin she was “it”. I still think she’s awesome! Maybe we will run into her again sometime. That little scammer lmao

    • Wow. You were probably one of very few people that had this album. It’s a secret alt rock album written and produced by Mariah Carey with her friend doing lead vocals and her on backgrounds. Funny story though for sure. Wonder how Jen found it.

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