Writing a Recommendations Report

York College course Writing in Professional Cultures requires preparing and submitting a recommendation report.  The first step was to choose a topic of concern that interested me.  I chose The Spartan newspaper to determine why the campus newspaper is not circulating and every week there are copies remaining from the previous edition.

The most important part of research is to have an adequate sample of the people affected by chosen topic.  My first attempt was disappointing.  I emailed students with a questionnaire and had a dismal 17 responses.  Because I did not have enough responses to be a sample of the students at York College, I failed.  See how important a fellow students input is when it comes to creating a rec. report?

My second attempt to survey people was successful.  I set up a table outside the student union building one day and another day I set up in the commuter parking lot.  With candy as a reward for filling taking my survey and the possibility of winning a prize of Nestle cocoa, Folgers coffee or a giant margarita glass filled with snacks and a Spartapalooza t-shirt I had 360 responses.  Conclusion:  Bribery works!

Winner of the margarita glass/t-shirt was Sasha Vanegas. 

Freshman Sasha Vanegas



Freshman Ryan Manger















Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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