The tough questions

Kids ask their moms questions all the time.  For example:

1. Can I have a piece of candy?

2. Do I have to get a shower right now?

3. Why does it get dark?

4. Where do babies come from?

5.  What is today?

6.  Where are the stars?

7.  Why do I have to turn off the tv?

8.  Can I get a pony?

9.  How do you spell insert word?

10.  Why can’t I come to your house?

Wait….clearly number ten doesn’t fit in with the others.  Why can’t a five and a half year old visit her mother?  She is begging  to see me and to talk to her dad, but he won’t talk to me.  He said “She is adjusting to her new schedule and routine.”  Why would a father withhold a child from her mother? 

When I said, “I feel like you are keeping Tesla from me” John flipped out.  Yelling I shouldn’t say that in front of her. 

What the hell should I say then?   “Daddy is trying to squeeze me out of your life.  He feels he has complete control now.” 

I really don’t have to “say” anything to give her an answer. 

This is how it looks to her: Tesla is asking her mom to talk to her dad about visiting with me.  Her dad is hanging up on mom.

He might as well say to Tesla, “I’m not talking to your mom, or letting you talk to her very often without listening to what you are saying.  I don’t want you to cry about it Tesla.  Don’t cry, you are here with me and Heather and the kids.  You should be happy!  You have your puppies, a swimming pool, four-wheelers, vacations and so much more.  You don’t really need your mom.  Forget about her.” 

That will never happen,


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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