Dear Tesla

Easter 1975

Dear Tesla,

    I know you can’t read this yet, but someday you will be able to.  There is an awful lot of stuff going on in your life and at the tender age of five, I realize you don’t understand.  Honestly, as your mother, I don’t understand either.

    You, my precious daughter, are one tough cookie.  I applaud you for having a strong personality.  When I was your age, I too had a strong personality.  Mixed in with that personality…..a dose of independence and a large portion of humor.

   I understand your personality.  Mommy danced to the beat of a different drum too.  My mom never tried to change me.  She didn’t tell me how I should dress and act.  I was allowed to let my dynamic personality shine through. 

    There is nothing wrong with wearing mismatched clothing or even boys clothing.  People have been dressing in the clothes of their opposite sex for centuries.  As a child your age, I never thought about my clothes as being all that important.  I liked picking out my own outfits.  I thought back then the thrift stores were great and now I think they are superdooper great!  🙂  I loved trying on outfits.  I may have even dressed up my little brother…

   For example, this is a picture of Mommy and your uncle Joe at ages five and three.  Look at how we dressed and where we lived.  I apparently never wanted my clothing to match and uncle Joe cheerfully wore one of my hand-me-down sweaters.  Joe just looked at me with amusement.  I was always sticking my tongue out at the camera and waving my hands.  I still wear mis-matched clothes to school and act silly.  My classmates find my individuality refreshing. 😉  Oh…when you are in college, you can wear your pajamas to class.  I don’t do that, but lots and lots of kids do!!

Joe and I 1975


The bottom line was we had our mom and she made us happy. 

Some day Tesla, you will have your mom back too.

I love you,



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