Taking the chick from the mama hen

Mamma and her little chicken Tesla

Ok, I’ve had it.  I can’t get more than a few minutes to talk to my daughter.  Her father is “following the court order” to the letter and I know that is not how it was intended.

I last saw Tesla Monday night and watched her practice ballet.  I have yet to get any type of response that I can visit her since.  “You’re not cutting into my time with Tesla.”

What the fuck is wrong with a parent that for no good reason he is not letting me see or really even talk to Tesla.  She didn’t go to gymnastics last night.  Tesla said she had dance practice.  Tonight she said she was practicing gymnastics at home with Bria. (Heather’s daughter)  I very much wanted Tesla to go to Spartapalooza with me.  Blog on YCP Spartapalooza coming soon.

I have a real issue with my child being withheld from me for no good reason and John’s refusal to return my texts messages and phone calls.  This is selfish and immature behavior and in no way showing support for Tesla to see her mother.

Upsetting me is that John is refusing to allow her to go to the Lehman Center for art therapy.  It doesn’t cost him anything and it is to teach her coping skills during this period stressful situation for Tesla.  I don’t know what John is afraid of learning but it’s not about John, it’s about Tesla.

Stop denying me my child!



  1. Jennifer Bowers says:

    I am so very sorry you are dealing with all of this. As I read your blogs I am reminded of my own custody issues (identical to yours) My only advice that I can give you is to document EVERYTHING and don’t give in or give up. Tesla knows that you love her and she loves you back and that will eventually overcome all this other bullshit!

  2. Honey I don’t even know what to say any more. This is getting way out of control. There has to be something that someone can do to make him let u talk to her every day. U used to before the judgement so what is up his ass that now he won’t let u? Hugs. And hang in there think possitive tesla knows u love her. When u have her make it very clear to her

  3. You need to document everything and seriously get down to calling the Douchebag when he’s living up to his name. Dickhead.

  4. Jennifer Bowers says:

    In my experiences with my own Nickhead (nice play on dickhead huh lol) Any way he can attempt to have control he will and since he has lost most control of me he has stooped to controlling me through custody. Its dirty and unfair and ends up hurting the child more then anything. Patty Check in to “Service Access and Management” They offer case management for both children and adults. The may be able to set you up with a case manager for Tesla and as long a you have insurance it is free of charge.

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