Got skeletons?

Is your closet crowded?

Everyone has skeletons in their closet.  Some have many hiding out, hoping to never see the light of day.  Others just have a few and those skeletons wouldn’t even cause an eyebrow to be raised.

Then there are the Delauter/Crider skeletons.  I am SO ready to “write my guts out” but I can’t.  First off, I have my daughter to take into consideration.  Second, my future ex-hubby will have a complete meltdown.  I will someday write about the past, but for now I’m sticking to the present.

The present is screwed up enough to write a blog about….my readers will just have to be patient for the book.  “I used to drive a Mercedes”

I hear something knocking on the closet door…

…..lemme out!  lemme out!



  1. yvonne mccormack says:

    I love this one, cant wait for the book! We have to get together and chatter LOL! In my opinion, too many people worry about other peoples skeletons and not their own. And when someone does open up and confide in me about their own skeletons I feel like they have gifted me with something special.

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