Dear John XIIII

All hail the king!

Dear John,

I met with my lawyer today.  We had a 45 minute talk about the upcoming hearing.  Most of it consisted of me going over our past.  That just sucks, recalling all those memories.

My lawyer feels confident that I have nothing to be concerned about.  Not that we will arrive in court unprepared.  I don’t find that the courts necessarily get every hearing with due justice but I follow whatever the ruling is.

We both want Tesla to go to school from our addresses.  In the long run, custody percentages may not even be changed.  We will still share Tesla 50/50 but her school may change.

I’m ready for this to just be over.  I’ve settled into a new house and know I will be here for the full 13 month lease.  The real question is: Will YOU be living in our house for the next 13 months?

Regardless of what has you upset about my blogging, the fact is you haven’t divorced me yet.  You have legal matters that need to be addressed before either of us know if the other has a stable household.  This is a reality that you just keep over-looking.

Join me in the “real world” long enough to handle the divorce proceedings so our child really does have stability in both parents.  I feel damn stable, do you?   I’m ready to get this all over with and I don’t feel I should have to pay the courts an additional $300 to force you in front of the Divorce Master to settle this.

But if I must, I will.




  1. You go Pattie

  2. Now that’s some Grrl Power!

  3. $300 loss will be worth your net gain. HAHA, I can just picture how red faced he will be when the IRS gets a hold of his ass and how will the flavor of the month feel about this man when he is BROKE…..who will support her and those 4 kids!

  4. I just don’t understand what the pros are for him in dragging this out. I bet that drives you INSANE… I feel for you, believe me I do.

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