Define Criders

Dale was bored while I was working on my never-ending Spanish homework.  He went on the Urban Dictionary and searched “Criders” and this was the result:

Definition: A place where men are men, and the sheep are scared.
The only things you need in Criders are Velcro gloves and tall rubber boots. 😉
by biscuit_ehhh Jul  6, 2009
Very amusing biscuit_ehhh.  Dale and I got a giggle out of your definition.  I also found it interesting that directly under the Criders entry was “Pattie Crider would be the next entry if defined”
That could be a very interesting definition, depending on who submits it!
Search your name and post its definition in the comments! 🙂
Undefined at the moment,


  1. Kristin – a language used by someone who wants sex, used to turn people on. (WOO HOO!)
    Hoke – Limp; not erect. (Awww :(…)

  2. Suz
    short for “suzie homemaker”, or housewife.
    You’re sewing another dress? You’re such a suz!

    1. A gangster
    2. A thousand dollars
    3. A title of endearment
    4. Thats a real G.
    5. Let me borrow a G.
    6. What up, G?

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