I Used to Drive a Mercedes~Book Outline

My book cover might be Sadie getting towed away.

With all this drama over something as simple as “where should Tesla live” I’ve decided to begin the outline of my book, I Used to Drive a Mercedes.  I will work this book outline as the beginning of my Senior Thesis. There is time to reflect on the years from September 11, 2004 to the present.  Good thing I have excellent notes and photographs on hand to bring back those memories.  I’m sure I’ll cry, laugh, get angry, be sarcastic and in general, be me.  The person I am, not the person John tried to create.

If you want to catch up on this saga please check out past blogs under the category Divorce.  It’s been quite the story of a man and woman who fell in love fast and are now suffering the fall out, as is, sadly…our child.  I know some day she will read this book and I am keeping that in mind.  No one needs to continue pointing out that Tesla will someday read this.  I get it and feel I have never written anything that isn’t the truth or my own opinion.  I don’t read my blogs to Tesla, or show her pictures or even give her access to my computer.   

 Thank you for reading and remember, sometimes even true stories sound like fiction….this will be one of those books.

Stay patiently tuned,



  1. I am excited about this book and I think it will be brilliant. I hope you share the outline if not publicly then privately. I eagerly await the book!

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