Not received

I called the assistance office this morning because I still haven’t received notice that the funds are available for my college books.  My newest case worker (I’ve had at least 10 now) advised me they had not received my funds request.  I told him that was not possible because I went from the college bookstore with the voided receipt directly to the assistance office, sealed it in an envelope and wrote “special allowance” on the damn envelope and dropped it in the mailbox IN PERSON.

How is it possible for them to lose it within their building?  If people ran their businesses like the state runs its assistance program, all businesses would fold.  I know for a fact the proper paperwork was dropped off, yet they have no record of it.  I have enough bullshit going on in my life without the state adding to the stinking pile!

I ran into York College to get ANOTHER copy of a voided receipt for my books but the bookstore had closed at 11 AM.  Summer hours are much shorter at the bookstore.  So now I have to put it off until Monday, even though I already did this once, and HOPE my funds come in time for me to buy my books before classes start.  College books are not cheap and I appreciate the state’s assistance, but they need to update their system because it’s to easy for the multitude of caseworkers to lose important information dropped off by clients.

No book needed for Square Dancing,



  1. College & Other Pesky Things says:

    Oh gosh, financial aid is always a hassle. My classes are always being dropped because of “computing errors”.

    No books required for Ice Skating, either.

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