Greed makes his world go round

$20 dollars made me hollar!

I don’t think of myself as a greedy person.  Most people who know me wouldn’t say I’m a greedy person.  John and his girlfriend might say I’m greedy but hey, $20 is $20.  I pay $10 a day for Tesla to go to daycare at Weiglestown Child Care Center, an excellent daycare facility.  In the past when John hasn’t had someone to babysit for him so he can go do an estimate, work on a job or get laid, he has taken Tesla to daycare and reimbused me the $10 fee.  The last time he suddenly had no one available he called and asked if he could drop Tess off and I said “of course.”

Now last week before bed,  when Tesla called her dad after my repeated prompting, he didn’t answer and she left a message.  In the morning I talked her into calling him but again, he didn’t answer.  Trying one more time before dropping her off at daycare, his voice mail kicked in and I dropped her off without her talking to her father.  About ten minutes after the last call to him, he called back and I told him he just missed her.  He asks if he can pick Tess up from daycare today and since I was in the process of moving to West York, I said he could.

Around 10 AM I was filling up my dad’s gas guzzling truck at Turkey Hill right down from the daycare and who passes by but John, his girlfriend, her kids and Tess.  Now that pissed me off as Tess was looking forward to seeing her friends at daycare.  He couldn’t answer the phone the night before, or that morning and had some lame excuse that I didn’t listen to, but he could pick up Tess half an hour after I dropped her off.

I called his phone and his reason for picking her up was because they were going swimming at our home in our pool.  I said “I just dropped her off John!” and he responded with “What do you want me to say?”  I answered with “You can pay me the $10 for the daycare asshole!” and hung up.

When it came my time to pick Tess up from him, I yelled down from the top of the driveway (where I have to park) “Did you send my $20?” and he yelled back “Take it to domestics!”  I answered “Domestics doesn’t have anything to do with that.” and his “unable to mind her own damn business” girlfriend yells back “yes they do!”  Who the hell is talking to her?!  Certainally not me!  I yelled back “shut up! I’m not talking with you!”

As if my money isn’t stretched tight enough trying to live on a pathetic $441 a month while John keeps all the business income and supports his girlfriend and her 4 kids, I have to listen to her big mouth?!  I don’t need to hear jack shit from her….she’s just another chick on John’s list to cheat on.  Trust me, it will happen.

If withholding that $20 makes John feel like “the big man” then fine, don’t pay me back.  You’re only hurting your daughter and without me telling her anything, she has her dad all figured out.  Today I had to MAKE her leave for her weekend with him.  It breaks my heart to see her leave and breaks it even more that she doesn’t want to leave me.


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