Horns and Spears Optional

Calling all experienced voices of York College faculty and staff!

You are needed for the 2011 Opera Choruses with the YCP Community Orchestra.

This is the first collaboration with the community orchestra and the 75 student members of The York College Chorale. The event will be held in CPAC on Sunday, May 8th at 3 PM and will begin with three well known opera choruses. These pieces require many people’s voices to create the proper balance necessary for operatic songs.

The chosen set of opera choruses should be familiar as they are often used by media during advertising. There are two scores by Verdi; Va Pensiero (Nabucco) and The Anvil Chorus (II Trovatore) and one by Mozart, The Voyager’s Chorus (Idomoneo) in the repertoire. The special rehearsals for faculty and staff on these three songs will be held in the evening on April 25, 27, and May 2. Scores are available upon request.

All faculty and staff interested in the opportunity to sing with the student chorale should contact Dr. Grace Muzzo at 717-815-6450 or by email gmuzzo@ycp.edu.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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