Plans with the “new family”

Family pick up time

Tesla didn’t want to go to daycare this morning because her cousin Blaine didn’t have school. 
 Her Aunt Suz said it was fine for her to stay home with Blaine.
  I texted John that Tess didn’t go to daycare at 10:48 AM. 
The last I had heard from John was 3/9/11 at 3:36 PM. 
His text was: not sure of the time I will let you know probably around lunch time.
TODAY from John I get a text at 12:29 PM.
 gonna pick us up at 1 o’clock this you still at your parents house.
I translated this as he wanted to get Tess really early.
  I texted she was there, but when I got home, beating John to the house, Tess wasn’t home. 
 She had gone with her Aunt Suz and brother, Jarrid to drop Blaine off with his dad. 
 Neither Suz nor Jarrid have a phone.
I was yelled at and received a text message that I screwed up his plans with his girlfriend and kids.
I read his text as he would let me know around lunchtime when he would get her.
  So now Tess couldn’t go because he didn’t know when she would be back, and neither did I.
 Now he couldn’t get her until after 6pm.
I wasn’t really surprised when my dad said John was outside for Tess at 6:08. 
 What slightly surprised me is he had the nerve to show up with the truck and trailer loaded to the hilt. 
 I guess the family outing was going to the new woman’s house and loading up her shit.
 To move into my house, while Tess and I continue to live in my parents basement.
He’s so broke he can’t pay his child support and alimony but he is moving in a new girlfriend?
 And her 4 children!
 That has known for tops, 3 weeks? 
 John thinks this is perfectly acceptable behaviour. 
 I think any rational person would disagree?!?


  1. You have notified your lawyer of this, correct? I mean, I would think when this does go before the judge this is going to make a difference.

  2. Jane Grove says:

    OMG…………You need to let that poor woman know what she is getting into at least for the sake of her children! Let her know she is living with a man who is a controling freak!!!!!!!

  3. Kudos! What a neat way of tihinnkg about it.

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