Wet, dirty and now single


The property of Beaver Hole is clearly marked “No Trespassing” but evidence left behind at the bridge is proof that people ignore “posted” property signs.  The amount of trash left behind and the content can be shocking.  At some point during the summer of 2010 I began picking up the trash carelessly discarded.  I chose a barren area by a telephone pole to set the trash bags and someone, I assume the garbage collectors, pick them up.

The common trash is just that, everyday paper, cans, bottles, wrappers, etc that people would usually throw in their trashcan.  It’s the uncommon trash that stands out during a clean-up walk that gets my attention.  Trash that wouldn’t normally be found along a busy road.

A recent trip to the bridge with hopes of taking photos and enjoying the peaceful environment became a clean-up mission instead.  The melting snow revealed litter along the roadside and the creek.  Litter sheds light on the activities at the bridge.

Multiple beer cans and bottles, all empty, of course.  A cigar tube, a plastic bag of cigar tobacco and one empty baggie with the corner torn off.  Curiously, I also found a sock, not  to far from the baggie, wet, dirty and now single.   A party of two people, most likely, at Beaver Hole.  Everything else seemed to make sense, minus the sock.

What could this all be summed up as?  Scavengers, feeding off of the natural beauty and seclusion at Beaver Hole?  People carelessly upsetting nature for their own enjoyment…are scavengers of the Earth.  This is why landowners feel they need to post their property.  Owners want to protect their slice of nature from human scavengers.

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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