Flood~It’s really coming down

Not my basement, Thank God!


I called up to my brother Sam, “Hey where’s Dad? The basement is flooding.”

Sam consulted with father, who knows best, and was sent to the basement for the portable pump.  The utility pump found, electric source with a three prong adapter found and….nothing.  The pump motor was frozen.  Sam, being the smart guy of the family, grabs my shop vac.  Presto!  Problem solved….

except I HAVE to keep turning the shop vac on and it’s filling rather quickly as the water level is constantly rerising.  Do other people still have this water drainage issue or am I the only one left, shop vaccing water from a drain hole?

So far Tesla has been distracted and not noticed the drainage issue.  I could see her digging out the rubber duckies in her toy box, and declaring it her pond.


Now imagine about an hour or more passing.  The shop vaccum didn’t hold enough water to keep the flood back.  Squeegies as my father calls them, were necessary to push back the flow of water towards our sleeping area and dressers.  Dad has finished eating and left for a new pump.  Suz, Sam and I have carried at least 10 buckets of nasty water.  Yes, it smells now.  Nothing like a flood to ruin a day.  Unless you were Noah and had an ark.

I have to go suck water again.  “Hurry Walt, my back is killing me!” Sigh..

Ironically, I had started a story for writing class with the title of a Jars of Clay song, “Flood.”  For some reason that song made me think of all the times the basement flooded when I was a child.

The first line of my story is “It never occurred to me that my pink  bedroom slippers would float.”

Currently, my slippers are safe….

No ark here,


Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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