Was just a matter of time

I wondered how long it would take.  I finally got a text letting me know he read my blog.  Jhole not to happy, but I told him he can get his own blog site.  I have been relatively silent for the past how many years now.  Waiting for my life to be freed up.  Tonight I called to talk to Tesla and who answers the phone but the newest girlfriend, Heather.  Why would she even want to talk to me?  I have nothing to say to her.  Yet, I hang up on her after she refuses to let me speak to Tess or John  and she calls me.  She even walked outside so she could hear.  Guess they were out spending her money,  as John doesn’t have any.   John thrives on this drama.  Court should be interesting.  Maybe his most recent girl will tag along.

Why does my daughter have to see this parade of women?  How long should a person date before meeting their children?  I think I need to take a poll…

This makes it easy.  I just write about what is going on and Jhole can read it.  He always wants to know what’s going on anyway…

Go ahead...take a swing. I'll duck and listen.

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