What is creative nonfiction?

The genre of writing termed Creative Nonfiction refers to a style with nearly limitless boundaries.  This style has existed for centuries but has only recently been termed a “genre” in literary circles.  This type of nonfiction is expressed in the form of journaling, blogging, diaries, and autobiographies but is not limited to this style of writing.  It is a combination of the established genres: fiction, drama, and poetry into the fourth genre, creative nonfiction.

There are six pronounced elements in creative nonfiction.  An essay may have one or two to all five of these elements.

  1. Personal Presence- a writer of creative nonfiction should include their own reflection and experience.  The essay should be written as if speaking directly to the reader.
  2. Self-Discovery and Self-Exploration- a writer should include their own interests, opinions, observations, goals, analysis, rants and raves.  The readers should feel as though they are learning about the author, while the author is also learning about themselves.
  3. Flexibility of Form- the days of a strict format in both fiction and nonfiction are long past.  Writers of nonfiction are encouraged to “break the rules” of traditional story format.  There are no rules to follow giving writer’s complete freedom to write in their own voice and form.
  4. Literary Approaches to Language- the language of nonfiction is what guides the reader along in the discoveries and exploration of the writer.  It can be intimate, poetic, figurative, informative, from the past, looking to the future, etc.
  5. Veracity- this is the reliability of the author story as truthful.  In creative nonfiction, it is assumed that what is written are the actual thoughts of the author.  These thoughts, based on memories, research or experiences, generally are left unverified.

Creative nonfiction is a genre that gives a writer freedom in the first person to connect to readers on a personal level.  When a reader connects with a writer’s life, career, triumphs, failures, uncertainties, etc. it becomes a bond that only creative nonfiction can accomplish.

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Stage of Life, The Spartan & Girlboxer1970 Unite

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Everyone is in a stage of life.  

And they are all personal.

What stage of life are you in?  My life as a college student has grown.  I was hired as an intern at Stage of Life LLC, a company that privately hosts a website to promote writing in and about any stage of your life.  The Spartan is my college’s newspaper.  I write articles and also serve as the online editor of The Spartan.  And last but not least, I am Girlboxer1970, mastermind of writing about my life and finding people who care.

A blog was the best idea Dr. Travis K. ever suggested to me.

I’ve been combining my Spartan articles with my blog since mid 2012.  Now my work as an intern at Stage of Life.com will be combined with the written and online version of the Spartan http://www.spartanycpnewspaper.wordpress.com.  As a student I have to blog about my experiences in each of the ten main life stages of the website.  In YCP’s Creative Nonfiction class I have to keep a journal.  I write for the newspaper.  I write.  And then, I write some more.

Ever think about writing a blog?  Or an article for a campus or local newspaper?  Soon I will have a column on http://www.stageoflife.com and will be prompting story ideas, writing about personal experiences, choosing finalists for contest submitted stories, randomly choosing bloggers to feature, and advising on how to write a blog someone will be interested in reading.  That’s what it’s all about.  When people begin to read what you write.

I encourage everyone to check out the Stage of Life blogging community.  If you have a blog, it will give you exposure as you share your stories.  Don’t have a blog?  No excuses…follow me to http://www.stageoflife.com a membership FREE, AD FREE, and FREE CONTEST website that I am honored to become part of.

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Rock it out, write it now, submit….it’s legit.


YCP squirrels are fearless photo M. Adams

YCP squirrels are fearless  photo M. Adams

Classes resume at York College of PA. I’m ready for another series of great Spartan Newspaper and a more active online paper. Send me your campus pictures, stories, story ideas, videos from improve shows and anything else you can think of related to life at York College of PA! pcrider@ycp.edu

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