It’s a York County bridge!!

I heard back from Dover Township very quickly.  The bridge ID#66722009243209 and here is what they had to say:

Ms Crider,
the bridge is maintained by York County.
According to a PennDOT list of York County bridges it was inspected in Feb 2009 and due to be inspected the end of this month.

He also gave me the name and phone number of the gentleman who would know more about that specific bridge.  So, now I’m on a personal search for information on this bridge.  I sent my original webblog page “who’s bridge is this?” to this contact person and also requested information on its history.  coincidentally, I have to write a non-fiction story about something I feel closely about.  Since I already have the momentum flowing, I’m going to stick with the Beaver Hole bridge theme. 

These pictures are from July last year.  My sister is so graceful.  She winds up in the water every time we go to Beaver Hole.  Tesla and Blaine love it there and it makes for beautiful background in pictures. 

The most recent picture is of Tesla yesterday. 

More posts to come about Beaver Hole and the story of the BIG LEAF FIND!

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