Chat Time with Esther Schmucker, or not

Today I was very excited to get to ask Esther why she blocks me on Twitter and Facebook.  Not just her mind you, she also orders her brothers, John and Freeman, to block my accounts. Sheesh, she does think she’s the boss!

The Discovery Channel had a chat session on the Amish Mafia Facebook page today at noon. I scrolled through, reading the burning viewer questions and finally typed in my personal burning question.

Here is a screen shot from the LIVE CHAT with ESTHER SCHMUCKER


Maybe I just have the worst timing ever, but the chat suddenly came to an abrupt halt. No sweet good byes, no tune in tonight to see the show, no I love you fans….she just stopped chatting, instantly.

Where’s the love Esther? And why you have to boss your brothers around? John and Freeman didn’t care if I believed there is an Amish Mafia or not. Hell, Discovery Channel doesn’t even care what I think.

I’m not affiliated with a mob of any type, but I am a huge Levi fan!


You like me? Can’t get enough Amish Mafia drama?

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Levi has a mob queen and she’s not Esther

Ok, we can all take a big sigh of relief.  After a little digging on the internet, I have discovered that Levi does have a “real life” girlfriend.

Whew, what a relief that the “King” only fakes his affection for Esther.  Then again, Esther is busy with her own “real life” boyfriend.  I imagine life becomes a blur…who do I love, who do I hate, who will I banish from Lancaster County in order to gain the imaginary mob power?

So Levi’s Queen goes by the name AmayMelissa on Instagram.

AmayMelissaAmaymelissa has also proclaimed her love for Levi through prose in a tweet.  Currently her Twitter account has been either closed or suspended.

The latest from amay (@amaymelissa). I love ur arms wrapped around me at night I love ur soft lips on mine I love when tell me how much u love me.

Amaymelissa had Levi give her an estimate on roofing and managed to land him as her own personal King.  I wonder if he got the roof/siding job too?

So I wonder if his Queen has child-baring hips, like the women featured on Amish Mafia

That’s what I have for now folks.  Stay tuned!  Season 3 is sooooooo far away.  I imagine there will be plenty of real life drama in the meantime.

…breaking hearts of those who pine for Levi.  ~P.

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