Hellish Pain and Pleasure

“The term sadomasochism finds its roots in the words sadism, meaning to enjoy inflicting pain, and masochism, meaning to enjoy pain being inflicted on oneself.”

The Cenobites in Barker’s story The Hellbound Heart are referred to as sadomasochistic beings.  Frank bought the metaphysical puzzle solely believing it would bring him pleasure.  He did not expect a journey through pleasure with an end in hell for all eternity.   His first encounter with the puzzle box brought him pleasure beyond his belief possible.  He could not pass up the opportunity to masturbate, possibly not realizing the pain and torture that would soon follow.

Julia carried such a lustful passion for Frank that she was willing to do anything.  Her one sexual experience with Frank impacted her so much she was willing to kill other people to bring Frank back from the dead.  He told her his ideas of them spending the rest of their lives together after she made him whole.  Julia thrived on the thought of bringing Frank
back and having him take her sexually.

When Frank is taken back to Hell by the Order of Gash, he takes pleasure in the tearing of his flesh.  Kirsty watched as his body began to tear apart and was disgusted by Frank’s crude sexual enjoyment.  She ran out of the room while he wagged his tongue at her.

While this was all shocking in the mid 1980’s, the art of body modification, piercing, tattoos, scars and branding has come a long way.  While not necessarily part of sexual gratification, it does have it place in the pain and pleasure realm.


Kaptive8 Halloween performance on 10-29-11.

10 point modified coma.  Randomly cut 1 hook out at a time until we got to a 4 point

In air total time was 30 min.


Body Modification Ezine. http://www.bme.com/ 1994. 11/04/2011

I’ll stick to fishing,


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