Lower Chesapeake Tour Part 1

“Setting Sail”

We left York County, Pennsylvania, towing our sailboat, with Sunny Daze visions in our heads. That is also what I named our vessel, and dazed in the sunshine, was the goal.

Leaving at 5:30 AM, our first destination was Fox Hill Boat Ramp, Hampton, MD. Brian drove for hours and we finally stopped on the interstate for gas and a meal at Subway. There we got sticker shock, not on the gas, but on the fast food. A 6 inch meal and a foot-long sub came to $29.63!

Brian doing something sailboaty and looking cute af.

It took about 6 hours to get to our dock, arriving around 11:30 am. Unlike dropping pretty much any other type of boat, starting the engine and taking off, we have to set up the mast and boom. That’s 6 cables, from what I’m told, but it feels like 600. And don’t even get me started on all the ropes involved. There’s more rope on sailboat, then at a fetish party. No joke.

Not my party, but DAMN.

We get the boat on the water and begin set up. While he’s dragging out both (huge) parts I am carrying supplies from the car to the dock. At one point I was carrying more than I possibly could handle, and dropped a bag of the groceries, stepping squarely on his box Tastycakes. For some reason, this made me laugh out loud and I even made a video. In the video, you can hear him yelling at me to get back over there and help him. Oops!


Since Brian was doing all the planning for this trip, he also did all the packing of the food. From the amount of groceries we had on the boat, we could have been at sea 2 weeks. We had plans to dock and eat at restaurants we researched, so I knew we would not need all this food. What we wound up needing more of was creamer. Cold Stone sweet cream is essential for my coffee.

About 2 o’clock, we launched. I’m sure with more practice it will be quicker, but it is a serious process to raise a 28 foot mast. That’s monstrous when you’re 5’1. Initially, I thought I said under the boom but I later found out it sometimes hangs lower and will smack me in the head when I least expect it. Which is all the time, because nothing ever hits me in the head. I’m 5’1!

Look! No boom-boom to the head. (at that moment)

At least we were on the water. It was gusty and there was no doubt, the sails were going to make us FLY!

Coming soon. . .Part 2 “When Things Got Choppy”


Pre-trip story of how we even have a fucking sailboat to start with. . .

Click here https://girlboxer1970.blog/2022/04/27/happy-birthday-sailboat/

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