Home Movies (Crider/Beideman) now on Facebook!

Technology is wonderful and never stops changing. So when the home movies my parents made in the 70’s and 80’s went extinct, they just sat in a box gathering dust, until now.


Four minutes clips of silent history to jostle those memory banks.  I can’t even put into words how happy that makes me. Even when the movies are unfocused, I still love them. I don’t think I’ve watched these movies since the early 90’s.

Today, I’m home sick watching these movies from my childhood as my brother uploads a new one every 40 minutes, and it’s so exciting having memories come rushing back.  Sam says he has 175 videos of dad’s that he’s transferring.

Mom and pattie 70s

My mom and I around 1971.

I am enjoying seeing everyone that attended birthday parties and other celebrations where my dad had the video camera. He’s not in many of the videos, and I get that. I’m often not in my photos or videos because, I’m the one taking them.

It’s frustrating when he’s trying to catch footage of people and they turn away or get up and move out of frame. You’re seen every day just how you look, so why not let someone make a video or take a picture. It’s not for you, it’s for others to enjoy in the future.

Uncle Bill

My Uncle Bill who passed at 16 and I was 11.


These home videos are the best. I love seeing all the awesome birthday cakes my mom baked. It just brings me such joy watching us celebrate big gatherings of family for our birthdays and holidays. And seeing how times changes things, it’s so interesting to watch. Now our family would never have a party and allow everyone to smoke in the basement with all the kids around. What hasn’t changed: every celebration the beer came out.

Wayne 1971

My Uncle Wayne who has also passed away.

When someone wants to take your picture, or include you in their home movie, let them. You may not want to see it, but others will. I’m so glad my mom and dad made all these videos. It’s like my childhood is coming back, in 4 minutes segments.

So, I urge my family and friends on both sides of my parents who were hanging out at family gatherings in the 70s and 80s, to go to my dad’s website Walt Crider and check out the Home Movies. There are so many family and friends in the videos. It’s so much fun to watch. They start when I was a baby and lived in the farmhouse in Alpine and end when we lived on Bluebird Lane. Lots of movies at other people’s home too and my family in Philly.


My mom’s dad, Pappy Sam, who lived in Philly.

As I watch them I’ll try to remember to tag people that are in or have family that are in the movie, but you have to friend request him to watch the movies.

Here’s the movie Facebook page. Enjoy!



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