Stop TWEETING Already!


What is going on with our government? Why can’t Trump stop tweeting?

I’m so sick of hearing about stupid stuff the President is doing. Act presidential for crying out loud.

So much time is being wasted on his tweets, especially the wire-tapping tweet.

Then, there’s the travel ban, the Russian brolove, the border wall, healthcare, and all the fighting back with every single person or entire groups, like the media, who disagrees, dislikes or questions anything he says. I can’t stand it.

But, I can’t stop reading.

On a local level, I’m not pleased with Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf. Right before Christmas he laid-off Unemployment Compensation employees. It was sudden and not well-thought out as there were not enough employees left to handle all the calls for claims from unemployed Unemployment Comp workers.

Now, out-of-the blue, my office gets notice of lay-offs and furloughs. People are going to be urged to retire with a special package or find new jobs in other state agencies. Those who don’t may be transferred to the nearest call center that is taking transplants to continue our position.  The nearest is 1.5 hours away, so I will not be going that route. Those who don’t transfer will be let go. They can start calling Unemployment immediately as its dicey if you’ll get through.

I’m pissed about this whole possible loss-of-my-job issue. I like working in York. I can get there in 20 minutes or so. In the summer I can have lunch with my husband, which I greatly enjoy. If I take a new position, I’d have to drive to Harrisburg again and no more summer lunches on Cherry Lane taking in the free entertainment.

I read Trump is decreasing funding for welfare. Maybe the time IS right to get out of the assistance programs. There are days where I can barely stand the lies I get fed every day, but then, there are days where I really feel I helped someone, or a family, out during tough times. Sadly, most days seem to involve hearing lies.

I haven’t written in so long. I feel rusty. I need to stop slacking.



  1. Michelle Motter says:

    Actually, you can thank Scott Wagner for the L&I layoffs. He had way more input into the situation than Wolfe. In addition to behaving in a very unstatesman-like way, in general, Wagner directly blocked funding for the call center jobs that were eliminated. He then gloated about it to the local papers, and tried to back-pedal almost immediately after. Please remember this at voting time.

    I had hoped the changes in Health and Whatever-they’re-calling-Welfare-these-days would result in more upper level layoffs, not so many actual worker-bees, but to be honest, PA has been operating in the red for years. In theory, combining Health and Whatever makes a lot of sense. (I worked there for a few years – the two serve many of the same clients.) It had the potential to eliminate a few high-paying positions. I keep hoping they’ll REALLY push the early retirement plans, to clear out the dead wood in my area.

  2. My husband has taken to calling the system being implemented (or not) for healthcare “TrumpDon’tCare”. I don’t think he’s wrong. Those of us here in Britain are worried sick for our friends across the pond; we thought Brexit was bad, but this is so much worse. Terrifying times, we live in, truly.

    I wondered where you’d gone; I need to get back into my blogging groove too – my well seems to have dried up since making the switch from Rosewinelover!

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