7 Month Sentence

Life is just crazy. The things that happen, sometimes we see coming, other times we’re blindsided. That’s how it is for everyone.

I don’t write as much as I used to, but I’ve really been thinking about writing my book. I’m just not sure how to go about it. Really, with how life is going, I am still tied to my ex-husband. Tied through the mortgage for the house and, of course, having a child together. I have so many notes, calendars, scraps of paper, etc. to use for the book it’s nearly overwhelming.


He and his wife are over after 7 months. You know who I feel bad for, Tesla. She’s the one who has to endure their fighting, her father calling the police to document an argument in which he started. Like the police are there to take his argument calls. Seriously. And Tesla get dragged into it because he’s claiming Gina, his wife, soon to be Ex-Wifey #3, was harassing Tesla.  His lies, his name calling, his bragging, his carefree fake bs that only he can pull off as a wounded man of an endless string of women who weren’t good enough.

Wow, does this bring back memories or what? I had to deal with his drama every single freaking day. Throw in the secretary La, and occasionally John’s one brother, and it was off the hook insanity. I couldn’t trust ANYONE.

And when I did, they stabbed me in my back. It was vicious.

So John’s down yet another wife.

He has a pre-nup that covers him for the house. I’m sure the speed dating will resume.

Poor Tesla.



  1. Good. Need to fix “And Tesla get dragged…”, add ‘S’ or ‘Ting’.

  2. Dear Patty, I am sorry to hear about this. But I want you to know that I truly applaud you for sharing. Can I say, try not getting caught up in your ex’s situations and continue being there for your daughter. Ellen

    • I feel sorry for his wife too. I’m trying not to get caught up, but I do feel bad for her. Either way, I feel worse for Tesla, but she’s strong and will always have me to lean on.

  3. Thank you Pattie for all your support, I too feel bad for Tesla, but I know she is smart, and will leave Johns home soon. She is so tired of the revolving door. I don’t want her to feel any of this pain, but John Delauter is her father, and unfortunately his track record speaks volumes for the path of pain and destruction he inflicts on others. 8 Fridays

  4. Conrad Collins says:

    As sad as it is to say, I honestly believe that there is really no such thing as an “amicable divorce.” Like rattlesnakes, you may start them out in the right direction, but they have a mean way of doubling back on you. Translation: Although both parties may agree to being amicable initially, at the last minute, somebody always scrambles to get an edge, hence the vitriol starts, and that usually ends up becoming a slippery slope.

    Such was mine, a long time ago and far away from where I am now. Knowing that it was a mistake right from the beginning, I was happy just to agree to anything, just to put it behind me, so she walked away with virtually everything. Being a very materialistic girl, she wouldn’t settle for anything less, but we didn’t have that much to begin with.

    Years passed, but apparently she wasn’t content with how I just walked away, so on occasion she would take a cheap shot every now and then, whenever the opportunity arose. I always turned the other cheek, since I was raised by a single mother, and she always preached; “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything.” I always found that to be good advice.

    On one occasion, about a decade later, we crossed paths purely by happenstance. She couldn’t for the life of her understand why I never retaliated or said anything unkind about her. I told her that the answer was very simple. I simply stated that although we had a horrible marriage, and for years I thought that the time and energy invested was wasted, I was the first to admit that I was wrong. It took a bad marriage for me to appreciate a good one, and by then I was remarried for about 5 years.

    Someone once told me that “Living well was the best revenge.” That is one of the most true statements that I have ever heard in my lifetime. It drives some people nucking futs to realize that someone can be truly happy without them in their lives.

    Some people bring joy by entering your life……And others by leaving.

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