When Amish Mafia Ended…Heads Exploded

It's a wrap folks.

It’s a wrap folks.

My 3 year, digging around the Amish Mafia drama, spilling it on my blog, and watching the comments flow has been wrapped up by actually being on the series last episode. Yeah, that was cool. If you didn’t see it, I will post it sometime next week. I hear it’s cut out of the episode On Demand. I haven’t confirmed that, but luckily I DVR’d the episode so Brian could watch it on Easter.

I’m only going to touch on a few things as far as the last episode.

  1. Everything I have written in my blog about Esther is true, short of me being at the foot of the bed to swear by. Information confirmed and reconfirmed, and just for the heck of it, confirmed again.
  2. Unless the actual news was involved about a character, what happened on the show was scripted.
  3. That was not Levi’s girlfriend on the final episode, or his baby. It bothered me the way she was portrayed, though it probably thrilled Julie.

So, the show was fake. Duh, I told everyone that my first post in 2013. It is re-enacted events, ie: scripted. It is said to have happened in the past and has been staged to show you on cable television.

http://girlboxer1970.com/2013/01/06/amish-mafia/ This first post got one comment, but that was just the beginning. My last got 41 comments.

And, Levi has an ENGLISH girlfriend and a baby. Hmmmm. I wrote about that too.

And, if this is the first post you’re reading that I wrote . . . you’re way behind.

See a lady named Julie told me about the baby and a ton of other stuff. I couldn’t confirm the other stuff and she wouldn’t show proof so I take it all with a grain of salt. The other thing, the girlfriend and baby, I could confirm. Then Aimee herself confirmed it by calling me, probably a year ago. Maybe more, I’m not even sure anymore.

I laid off the posts about the baby when she pretty much confirmed it by begging me not to blog about Levi’s possibly having a baby. Being the nice person I am, I dropped it. Aimee and I began talking on a regular basis. I talked to Levi also, who happened to agree to come to my hometown’s volunteer fireman’s carnival in September.  So my hometown friends that follow my blog and the show, you can meet the man at our local carnival. You’re welcome.

Levi and Aimee knew I was going blog my last post with the voice mail. Crazy how that shit blew up huh? As for both sides of it, I like Julie. She’s never done anything bad to me. I don’t think she’s crazy, I think she believes the emails were from Levi. Does she have emails? Yes. Are they REALLY from Levi? I have no idea.

What was up with the portrayal of Aimee in the show? Honestly, that blew my mind. I had a feeling they were going to really dump on Levi because I seemed to know more of what was coming up on the show then Levi. The actors see how it’s cut when you and I do. I didn’t ask Levi this, but I highly doubt he knew they hired someone to portray Aimee. I think he knew they were going to reveal Aimee and the baby existed, but not the portrayal of Aimee. If I didn’t know and like Aimee, I probably would have been flipping out on Twitter with everyone else, but instead, I was texting Aimee asking her if she was watching.

I texted her at 9:57 “No way, they put your house on tv?” (After thinking about it, I doubt that is the actual house)

She texted back “What”

Now maybe she wasn’t watching the show. Maybe, she was. I kind of got the impression she wasn’t watching until I texted her, but I really don’t know.

So now I figure for sure she was watching because I texted “wth? You’re on the show?”

She wrote back, “No that’s not me” (which I knew because I already had seen photos of her)

I wrote “Holy cow they are saying all kind of stuff about you” ( I wasn’t sure if she was really watching or just knew no one taped her for the show) “My head just exploded”

Aimee wrote back “Urs. WTH”

Me “They make you sound like a money hungry ho”

A: “This is not right”

Me: “And ‘you’ said horses are hung like Levi. LMAO”

A: “I would never talk like that”

Me: “I nearly peed my pants”

A: I never felt so disgusted

And I let it at that. Clearly, Aimee at least, didn’t see that coming. I didn’t know what was going to go down, but I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. Though, the publicity for his new book, Amish Confidential, certainly won’t hurt. Could be that Levi kinda knew how the show would end and it was a built up to his book. I don’t know, just a guess. I’ll buy his book and get him to sign it. I’ve already heard really good things about it.

Will there be another Amish Mafia. I can only hope. My personal impression is there will be another Amish show and Mary and Merlin will be in it. Oh, and Levi too.

It’s been real. Well, what I wrote was real. As far as the show…



Want to read every post I ever wrote about The Amish Mafia? Click this link and start on the last page. There are THREE, count them, THREE, pages of Amish Mafia drama.



  1. Conrad Collins says:

    Between your blogs, and Hatmaker’s interview of Evangelista, I suppose that pretty much wraps it up for A.M. At least for the time being.
    If nothing else, you gotta hand it to the scriptwriters on how they managed to incorporate fact into the fiction, i.e. the Corbett “persecution”, Respect Amish, etc.etc. I don’t believe for a minute that Amish Mafia came back for a final season because of the notoriety caused by that sort of thing. They were coming back regardless whether The Schmuckers, Stoltzfus, and Zimmerman were, or weren’t.
    Esther Schmucker did a little bashing of her own on Facebook this past week, after the Amish Confidential comments concerning her not coming back. Now, I realize that everybody concerned was signed to a non-disclosure agreement when they signed on for Amish Mafia, but what really surprises me is that none of the former cast, with the exception of Schmucker, has weighed in on either the season in general, or the finale.
    Where the hell is Wayne Raber when you really need him…..

  2. Stacy Welch says:

    Yes, I also believe that we haven’t seen the last of Amish Mafia. I realize that the show was scripted, but for some strange reason I really liked the show. I think Esther went off the deep end on her FB and Twitter after the last episode. For me, it was the original crew that I liked the most. I didn’t care too much about the Doug storyline. It seems that by this point, the whole show was thrown off and even though scripted was just plain silly. I do wonder if what Mary said about her sexual assault was true. Her crying did seem to be genuine. I am thinking that John may really be in jail. Thanks again for keeping us in the know. I will continue to look forward to your blogs.

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi Stacy! You are correct, John is in jail. That why we haven’t heard a peep out of him. Mary’s assault story is true and I was touch by her bravery in sharing it. When I hear something is brewing in the Amish story line, I will let everyone know!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. mcchatty says:

    So- are Mary and Merlin actually married?I hope so. I actually found Merlin reassuring her about her desire for bariatric surgery very touching.

  4. mcchatty says:

    Mine too- brave gal. Whoever scripted that arc did a much better job than is usually done on reality shows. Merlin looked a whole lot better once we had seen him be loving to Mary.

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