The Amish Mafia King Gives Fair Warning

People contact me all the time with random tips and information about the characters on Amish Mafia. (Thank you, thank you very much.) Trying to verify these tips can be a challenge.

For instance, I’ve been chatting with a woman named Julie since September 2013. Julie met Lebanon Levi in May of the same year. Here’s a photo of the day she somehow snuck into his appearance at the Wolfgang Candy’s introduction of Farmer’s Fair, a candy endorsed by Levi Stoltzfus.

The Farmer’s Fair line will be introduced at the 2013 NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago May 21-23. On hand to introduce these Pennsylvania Dutch-style confections will be Lebanon Levi, star of the hit television series, “Amish Mafia.”

A friend and Central PA neighbor to Wolfgang Candy, Levi is lending his support to launch the line of chocolates produced in the Olde-World Pennsylvania Dutch style. Lebanon Levi will meet and greet Expo attendees in Wolfgang Candy Booth #1759 on Thursday, May 23, between 2:00-4:00 pm.

Levi happy

Levi and Julie both agree that is the day, the ONLY day, they met. After that, things get messy.

Julie stated the following day Levi emailed her and they began an online relationship. Julie fell deeply in love with Levi, him stealing her heart. She claims the feelings were mutual and that they exchanged naked photos with each other.

Levi stated that after he met Julie, she became even more obsessed with him and seriously believed they were in a relationship because she had begun writing to him through an old email. He claims it wasn’t him she was talking to but a friend that had access to his computer and was entertaining himself by pretending to be Levi. (Levi, that’s not a very good friend. You should break his legs.)

Now I haven’t seen the emails and I haven’t seen any photos of Levi in the buff. When I really pushed Julie she said she didn’t have any photos of Levi nude that included his face. Levi said that’s because any photos she has of a naked man is NOT him and he’s sick of her harassing him with her bullshit.

“She’s nuts. She went and got tattoos that are supposed to be for me. Who does that?! She also sent me a letter in the (snail) mail saying she wanted to have sex with me for an hour and a half. I don’t even know how she got my address,” said Levi.

“An hour and a half? That’s rather specific. Is that like a time slot?” I asked Levi, and we both started laughing.

After we stopped he asked, “Seriously though, why would I send naked photos of myself to someone I met at an appearance? She might have photos of someone’s penis, but it’s not mine. Anyone can get photos like that on the internet and say it’s me.”

This is a valid point, but I must add, sometimes people do stupid things with cellphones. Just ask former New York member of the House of Representatives, Anthony Weiner. He resigned from Congress over some weiner photos.

Julie did get two tattoos to represent Levi King Stoltzfus. The tats are well done, so at least she’s not stuck with crappy tattoos for the rest of her life, just tattoos of a guy she feels betrayed her.

Notice the key spells out Levi's initials.

Notice the key spells out Levi’s initials.

The King's sword (see the crown on the handle) stabs her heart.

The King’s sword (see the crown on the handle) stabs her heart.

I did get an email of a voice mail Levi left Julie making it crystal clear he wants her to stay out of his life and if she doesn’t, she won’t like what happens. This is just a fraction of the voice mail but enough that you get the idea. Levi is clearly pissed off and I’m pretty sure pissing off the Mafia Godfather is not a good idea.

“Julie. This is your last warning. I’m not going to fuck around. If you show anyone those pictures of me or show that email, I can sue the fuck out of you and I will. You must be moving to Vegas very soon and you will have nobody left and I’ll take everything you got.”

So Julie did move to Vegas, but I don’t think she ever let go of her love for Levi or the relationship they had, even if it was all in her head.

Was there ever an online relationship and Levi is covering it up or is this just a super fan that can’t let go of the Amish King?

You decide.



  1. angrytiger says:

    So did anyone everget a copy of “Esther’s Delightful Dishes”?

  2. Sounded more like a cut and paste recording using some of Levi and some of someone else.

  3. Yep does not sound like Levi at all. Sounds like this woman is crazy . Plus don’t you need some rights to check to make sure the voice is really his before you post it??

  4. Get the facts straight, we started talking in January of 2013, I do have pics with his face but promised I wouldn’t show them, he can keep lying because of his girlfriend…. Whatever…

    • As a older guy I think your going crazy babes. Really what’s the point? You really make yourself look crazy and stupid. How old are you????

    • You can get pictures of anyone face online.

    • Who cares bring on Mary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brooke Cochran says:

      Levi, Can have ANYONE he wants. Trust me. I doubt he is wasting his time with you.

      • julies friend says:

        all of you would follow this piece of shit anywhere. I have known Julie for 23 years and I was with her when she and levi started their online relationship. Yup folks it was a two way relationship that started with dozens of emails going back and forth ,levi telling Julie how he couldn’t wait to be with HER. And there were plenty of pics of Levi getting sent not just Julie sending pics.. He also invited her to the candy convention, told him she wasn’t going, then surprised him.. This is awful to make her out to be a crazy fan , she has suffered terribly at the hands of the new girlfriend who levi dumped Julie for .Constant harassment via Twitter, facebook etc. Julie was threatened more than once by This jerk via phone, calling her nonstop from an identified number until she would answer and get screamed at by these people. The whole time she never went public and just wanted to move on..Julie didn’t go public with anything, those pics have never been given to anyone and she has had offers. The pics on this blog were lifted off her facebook page cause this blogger pretended to be her friend, ( some friend who makes fun of someone and let’s her be harassed by the likes of his followers )and the only thing she let this blogger have was a little bit of the tape.. Because the shows producer asked her I have heard the whole tape myself.. It’s full of threats…So keep following that worthless piece of humanity but just leave her alone. Like I said her privacy was violated by this blogger who was a supposed friend ..

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s true, but he has a girlfriend and kid so he can’t have anyone he wants anymore, she has him by the cojones now

      • TherealMan says:

        Julie is a married woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has posted over 392 threats to his girlfriend , baby and Levi. There is proof of it in black and white. In fact she says her and her family are coming to PA, then one says hows the baby, one says I am going to kill his girlfriend. Yes she is very sick in the head. She was a fan who went crazy. This Julie will not stop after lawyers and Levi and his girlfriend told her to stop. In fact lets post the 392 threats and see what people think or better yet lets have the cops look at it. One thing mains a fact-Julie you need to stop leave him alone and go to your husband. Stop making fake profiles. By the way you look I think your over 50 yrs old , right? So this just shows how a fan can go crazy

      • TherealMan says:

        You say to leave Julie alone but she started that whole thing- are you stupid like her??? She’s crazy. She went looking for him- she went and got tats on her body with his name- she sent love letters- she threated him, girlfriend , kid. She made up stuff in her head thinking she had a life with him- when shes a married woman- what kind of person is she. Levi didn’t go after her. Yes maybe he was nice to her cause shes a fan but she went over the line I heard. I feel bad for him , girlfriend and kid. This girl needs a dr

      • TherealMan says:

        Yes Julie did go public-she emailed this Patti. Levi didn’t go public cause theres nothing there. Look how this all started- JULIE aka crazy. So Julie’s friend you might want to hear both sides before you side with the crazy. Read your words again and then look at the post – I think this woman needs help and I am a grown man and I wouldn’t touch her. Shes married

    • Curiosity says:

      Where are these pictures? lol

  5. Anonymous says:

    Levi can go fuck himself, is that letting go enough for you all???

  6. An online relationship seriously??? So if he is a worthless piece of shit, why was she after him? Why would she go to the candy convention? Why would she get tattoos? Regardless, sounds like someone is a little over the top an it is making her look crazy and obsessed. Maybe…just maybe even hoping she could get some fame?? Hell hath no fury like woman scorned! You cannot seriously think for one second you were his girl! He is a playboy and sounds like you wanted more than he. Now that your dumped he is this vial jerk. Well I sure as hell wouldn’t get a tattoo that reminds me of a jerk. You got played and burnt so move on and go play in someone else’s sandbox that wants you. Don’t you see all this makes you look obsessed and crazy? May not be so but that’s exactly how it looks…just sayin!

  7. anomyous says:

    Wow your an old woman acting like your in high school omg how ridiculous and immature are you Julie. Look at Julie’s Twitter page she says how she meets all these guys wants to kiss them has sex with them so it easy to believe she’s making all this up. Shes married has adult children and cheats on her husband a lot it’s obvious on her twitter page. I would be embarrassed of her if she’d be my mom. I know Levi personally and I know he has nothing to do with what Julie says. Shes trying to set him up to ruin him for no reason. Coz she’s a stalker who wants sex with him for a hr an a half from what he told me she send him a letter saying that. Maybe I should get it from him n post it on here. To prove how much of a slut she is. Julie your very immature and ridiculous there’s prettier women out there then you why would he chase after you

    • I meet people at work dumbass and say nothing about having sex. This must be Levi or Aimee as you called Levis ex the same. Impressive……

      • amaymelissa78 says:

        Julie this is Aimee and I have not been writing anything. So I don’t know who is. So stop putting me in this.

  8. anomyous says:

    And that’s you writing those comments and saying it’s a friend of yours wow what are you going to try to make the world believe next. If she’s your friend why is she hiding her name. And look how your cussing in the comments someone as angry and immature as you would be writing like that not your friend. C’mon now it’s obvious it’s you if not then I’m sure your setting your friends n family up to this to write something. Relationships come and go move the fuck on you immature stalking child. I never heard a old woman like you and married at that act like you. All you want is sex and attention does your husband know all this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Listen, I have been over it all until this blog was posted….I don’t need to be dragged into this crap.. Aimee, that IS a friend of mine and I was at work when she wrote it, she is a retired firefighter, I don’t know why her name isn’t on that as she doesn’t care. Keep dissing me Aimee, what the fuck ever…. I do remember you stating “you have pic, I have real thing.” Yes, they are just pics…… Oh , did Levi marry you yet after you had the baby??? I’m a slut though? OK girl… Keep talking…

  9. anomyous says:

    Yes Julie you did say you want sex even Pattie wrote it in her blog and know not Levi or Aimee I just know Levi and to me it sounds like you don’t like being called out. Grow the fuck up how immature you sound and act I wish Levi would see this and post something I bet you would look very stupid well obviously you are. But I know Levi doesn’t follow up with this ridiculous immature childish bullshit he has no time for this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, Thank God he doesn’t read it, I’m so relieved…… Whatever…. It IS ridiculous and bullshit, that’s for sure …. DONE! Syanara…..

  10. anomyous says:

    And basically Julie you just admitted having sex or wanting to have sex other guys or lots of guys. Coz you said this must be Levi saying this which it isn’t but you just admitted it haha. Is that what you told Levi or why did you say that?

  11. Hasn’t anyone ever seen Catfish? This could have been anybody pretending to be Levi. Unfortunately when people get scammed on the internet they often have a hard time accepting it. You got took Julie.

  12. Sue o" shannon says:

    again all you Einsteins; ( meaning all of you that even give a shit about Amish Mafia and the stars. I was a witness to all this.. From the very start.. He was by far just as willing as Julie..I am Not Julie you frigging morons.. anyone that wants to step up you can find me in Chicago as that’s where I live. NO catfish no nothing. The threats were towards Julie and like I said earlier she has sat on all this even after she was offered money. And this blogger lifted her pics without permission from her account. SO all of you find a frigging hobby

    • anomyous says:

      Your just as stupid as Julie and a lying bitch. You both are making yourselves look very stupid ridiculously immature. How do we not know your making this up just to cover up Julie. Haha she’s lying your lying nobody cares what you both say.your both married with kids stop cheating and lying to your husband I’m sure your kids are embarrassed. And Julie big fucking deal if they have a kid. What does that have to do with you omg really. Your one ugly looking woman no wonder Levi didn’t pay attention to you. You ugly looking stalker and ugly looking friend. Your Twitter is stalking all kinds of celebrities so it’s very obvious your jealous at Levi and you just want to destroy them. I’m sure Levi didnt put out threat s you stupid Julie friend. From what I hear Aimee has enough threats from Julie about killing her and taking the baby and it’s all on black and white. So keep up the lying I hope and pray they send you both to jail

    • anomyous says:

      And look how you both talk calling people names cussing at them it’s very clear you guys are lying cause your very defensive

  13. Anonymous says:

    First off, to the anonymous person badmouthing Aimee on here. Maybe they don’t want to be married right now in the midst of all this bs created by Julie, her crazy supposed friends and all the other nutso fans out there like Julie. They’re smart staying off the radar. Just because they had a child together out of wedlock doesn’t mean she is what you called her. You shouldn’t throw stones in your little glass hoFirst off, to the anonymous person badmouthing Aimee on here. Maybe they don’t want to be married right now in the midst of all this bs created by Julie, her crazy supposed friends and all the other nutso fans out there like Julie. They’re smart staying off the radar. Just because they had a child together out of wedlock doesn’t mean she is what you called her. You shouldn’t throw stones in your little glass house, tsk tsk. You’re telling all of us on here reading this blog that ALL your family members were married first before they had children? Grow up. You’re living in a fantasy world. Several people have children first before marriage nowadays and always have. Marriage puts too much pressure on a relationship at times. No two relationships are exactly the same so how DARE you to put her down. Them getting married is NOT for you to decide. As for anyone that sticks up for Julie, I pity you. I’ve seen everything Julie writes. She is an attention seeker. She will block her Twitter profile for one minute, maybe a few days, then unblock her Twitter account. She WANTS Levi to see the crazy LOVE stuff she writes about him and boo hoo, how much she is hurting and wants him and “please forgive me” bs and how much she’s going to “let everything out”. Several other people on here are right. She is obsessive, delusional and needs professional mental help. She can be diagnosed to have multiple personality disorder/bipolar disorder. Either way, she had some mental issues and needs to be admitted for a holding period to be studied. Positive or negative attention, she wants it. Hey, Julie? Ever seen the movie Swim Fan? Go watch it again, take a refresher, you’re looking at your mirror image. When Julie is posting things over the internet for people to see, KNOWING people can read her stuff, seems like she is trying to put a “claim” of some sort on him. She talks about him to anyone and everyone who will listen. Pretty pathetic for a middle aged female. I wouldn’t dare call you a woman because you haven’t earned that title. Yeah, she has been married for years and years. I know you just recently flew back to go meet a guy, initials M.B… Why did he delete his Twitter profile? Pretty funny both of your Twitter profiles came up missing and gone at the same exact time. Your husband know about this? Is that why you guys were arguing at that time? If you have marital problems, CHANGE. Everyone has the ability to change, but if you’re not willing to do so, you don’t deserve your husband and you don’t deserve his forgiveness, especially tattooing your little innuendos on your body. That’s psychotic. You think people are about your tattoos? Most people just don’t speak up to you about how nutso you are out there in your make believe world of Vegas. Trust me, that’s what they’re thinking when you’re trying to flash your tattoos around and trying to talk about Levi. Then you go and threaten his well-being by saying your nephews want to take a trip out to PA to have a “chat” with someone after this blog is posted? NOOOOOOO, we don’t get your childish sayings at all. Can’t seem to guess who you mean there haha. You need help. You don’t think Levi doesn’t have his whole neighborhood standing behind him? Watching for something out of the ordinary to happen? You’re just mad because he never liked you, you’re not a good person. You got your attention, positive or negative, you got it from Pattie. How does it feel to be blogged about?
    By the way, that Candy Convention? You definitely snuck into that one! That event was a private event, NOT for the public to attend. It was for candy reps and stores to check out products to be interested in buying. There were no tickets available to the public. You either had to be a blogger with awesome credentials or contact the Confectionary Corporation to represent them to even get your foot in the door. Not saying that’s not pretty cool of a fan, that’s not what makes you crazy. Everything leading up to now is what earned you the labels “obsessive”, “delusional”, “bipolar”, “psychotic”, just to name a few.

  14. Anonymous says:

    That’s not the only “crazy” you can blog about here. Check out “FangedVixxxen” on Twitter.
    “@AmishMafia thrilled Merlin n Mary are married. She deserves to be happy. Crushed that Levi had a child and it was not with me lol#teamlevi
    12:27 AM * 01 Apr 15 from Desert Hot Springs, CA”
    “Who is Lydia? Or is it Amy?”
    “never thought my Amish crush would have baby with gold digger.”
    “It’s my birthday tomorrow can I get some Levi Love???”
    “Do u ever come to Wisconsin? ?????”
    “YET is the key word….. Would love for u to come and see my beck of the woods. i would give you a perfect tour…xoxi”
    “My Amish crush just followed me….I’m blushing xoxo Lebanon Levi”
    “I’ve got a crush on Lebanon Levi…Italian and Amish what a mix”

    And that’s not the only personnnnnnnn…:
    Here’s your next “crazy”. Check out “Christina Love” on Twitter.
    “~i meant nooo disrespect to your child’s momma @Lebanonlevireal!…my tweet was from the first impression last nite!~im still jealous tho!
    12:28 PM * 01 Apr 15”
    “~im almost speechless and really jealous!~cant believe the producers didnt even know!…”
    “~say whattt?!!…@Lebanonlevireal might have an English babyy?!!…i cannot breathe!!!~nooo way!!!…if this is true, yesss im jealous!”
    “~series finale of @AmishMafia tonite!…nooo!~needs to continue~i seriously cant deal with not seeing @Lebanonlevireal, that is all!!!”
    “@Lebanonlevireal @AmishMafia ~ohhh yesss it would be!!!~you are truly amazing!!!~my heart would race…if i faint, catch me please!!!”
    “~sooo…trip to kentucky to visit my family~hollered at every black cadillac hoping for @Lebanonlevireal!…im a dreamer!”
    “~@AmishMafia time finally!!!…had to record it!…@Lebanonlevireal had his love interest back…yaaa im totally jealous!!!~#likememore”
    “~sooo #truth be told…when I see a black #cadillac, i stare, hoping its the phenomenally hot @Lebanonlevireal!~id slip in!”
    “~itsss @AmishMafia time finallyyy!!!…canttt waittt to watch myyy (yes, mine) amazin’ @Lebanonlevireal show these boysss how it is!!!~”
    “~alll the ladies are shoutin’ at the tv~im sooo jealous!!!…closin’ y eyes to get thru this!#wishiwasamish @AmishMafia @Lebanonlevireal”
    “~nottt sure i can handle watchin the phenomenal & amazin @Lebanonlevireal with a #love interest on @AmishMafia tuesday! #wishiwasamish”

    So with all this said, Julie can’t be the only “crazy” out there. Funny how all these women post stuff and know everyone can see it. Just know that they should be brought into the spotlight, too, if she is!

    • Wow. That’s a lotta lovin’ Levi tweets. Lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Wonder how Aimee feels with all these woman throwing themselves at Levi an him RT every single ♡ posts

      • I don’t think it bothers her. I would guess she doesn’t follow the tweets. Maybe I’ll ask her.

      • Anonymous says:

        You should, an last episode wasn’t Aimee or the baby! People are so foolish to believe everything they see. As for Julie nobody in there right mind in the fame world would search you out in a email! Your old enough to be his momma! Get a grip granny! 😂 👏

      • I asked her last night how she keeps from getting pulled into the show drama. She said the three of them have their own wonderful, but personal show at home. I know that wasn’t her or their baby. I talk regularly to Aimee. She is a very nice person.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sure she is, good for them they deserve too! I do wonder why he hasn’t asked her to get married tho! You looked great on the last episode Patti. She has a twitter, actually saw her page when it wasn’t on private they seemed to have fought alot end of last year. ” A hug can go along way Levi “since he is the only follower on her page lol

      • Why thank you. I had a great time blogging about the show and was quite pleased too be on the episode.
        I’m sure wedding bells will ring for them eventually. Good things take time.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Do yout think or know if it’s the real Levi on Twitter?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I believe Julie, Levi is a dirty dog!

    • Anonymous idiot… Please refer to the longest posting in here on Julie. Who’s the dirty dog? Um, drum roll please …… Julie is. She’s married and still acting like she isn’t. She is a filthy excuse for a good woman to make a wife, because she’s not. She constantly posts innuendoes directed at Levi and STILL hasn’t stopped. Who would want to be with that old bag? She posts pictures of her legs and feet all the time. She has some of the most disgusting feet I have ever seen! If she didn’t act like the crazed obsessive psycho that she is, I wouldn’t have a need to write this to defend Levi. Oh, and by the way, I have seen actual physical facts to show that she is a bs starter, liar and cheater. Now who’s the dirty dog! X-D

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