I Got Milk

Breast milk is good stuff. Makes babies healthy and it’s free. Comes right out of the mama, if you’re lucky.

What if I told you that some women, actually, from what I’ve read, most women can trick their bodies into producing milk. Amazing isn’t it?

If you don’t want to read me over share, you should stop reading now. Have a great day.

I saw an episode of American Horror Story entitled Spilt Milk. The opening scene was a man who hired a new mom as a prostitute just to drink her breast milk. Nothing was shown in detail but there was no doubt in mind why he hired her. She gets them out and he is all over those boobs. It all was rather stimulating until later in the episode he flips out and tries to kill her because his real father is nicknamed “Bloody Face” and his mama gave him away, which is part of the theme to the show.

So that gets my attention and I like to be really informed on a topic. I began reading and learning that some women cause themselves to lactate so they can have that feeling of full breasts, so they can manually relieve their milk, they can enjoy that amazing let-down feeling (if you don’t know what that feeling is, think of it as an orgasm for the breasts) or so they can adult nurse someone. I was fascinated.

I breast fed all three of my children and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While it was stimulating to me, it wasn’t in a sexual manner but rather closeness I felt to my child. I played the opening scene of American Horror Story for Brian. I wanted to get his reaction because he’s the only person paying any attention to my breasts. I was curious to his reaction to the show and to my surprise he liked it. I’ve since learned there are countless people searching for the perfect person to have an “Adult Nursing Relationship” or be a practicing “Adult Nursing Partner” with someone. And it goes both ways. There are women looking for someone who want to nurse from them and there are TONS of men looking to nurse from a woman.

Who knew huh? It’s kinda like the balloon thing for me. It took realizing others found balloons stimulating to even understand why I had a thing for them. Ok, so what is this all leading to? Well it led to a lot of great sex and stimulation to my breasts and low and behold, I realized yesterday I was producing colostrum. Yeah, blew my mind too. So we keep this up, I’m going to have milk.

I Got Milk?

The mind is powerful,



  1. Are u still need someone to suckon u

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