Colonial Philadelphia’s Christ Church

William Penn had this crazy idea to allow all denominations the freedom of worship and with that idea arose the magnificent Christ Church in 1695 located at corner of 2nd and Market Streets in historic downtown Philadelphia. This church, which includes the burial tomb of Benjamin Franklin, is full of history and beautiful inside and out. There are still services held at the church. For more information check their website.

I enjoyed taking photos and was particularly fascinated by the tombstone in the floor of the church and Mr. Franklin (or is that Mr. Penn?) on his cell phone.


PWC day 2 044PWC day 2 045PWC day 2 046

PWC day 2 038PWC day 2 040

Click on the first thumbnail to best view the full size photos.

A colonial cell phone?

A colonial cell phone?

Philadelphia is full of history. . . check it out but be prepared to pay for a parking garage or meters!


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