Perrydell Farms~where the chocolate milk rules

My natural field science course had a field trip to Perrydell Farms Saturday and I not only was I educated, I picked up delicious chocolate milk and chocolate peanut butter ice cream too.

Perrydell farms is a third generation dairy farm that originally was not specialized. Tom, one of the owners, said in the beginning the farm had everything– chickens, pigs, cows and crops–but after World War II all the farms, including Perrydell began specializing. Tom thinks this is a downfall to farms and has begun building up farming crops and having other animals again. Except for pheasants, which fly away every time he releases them.

Here’s a little history about the farm from their website.

Perrydell Farm is a working and fully self sufficient dairy farm. We own 170 acres of land and also rent an additional 180 acres where we plant and harvest almost everything we need to feed our cows.

The farm was bought in 1923 by Howard Perry. His two sons, George and Roger eventually took over the farm and they had the foresight to start bottling their own milk in 1963. Because of this approach, the farm now supports four families from the milk of only 130 cows. This is quite an accomplishment in today’s farming economy.

The farm is now owned and operated by George’s sons, Tom, Greg, and Chip. Everyone in our family stays involved in the farm, since there is always work to be done. We consider this a blessing in disguise that always ensures our family will be together and close.

At Perrydell, they make white milk, chocolate milk, orange dream milk, strawberry milk, buttermilk, cream, ice cream and yogurt and sell it in their store along with other local farmer’s products. Tom said Rutter’s and Turkey Hill were really mad when they opened their farm store in the early 60’s because it shut down the huge companies milk delivery routes in the area. It wasn’t too long after his store opened, the two huge competitors began opening their own farm store. Tom’s family stuck to ONE…you know how Rutter’s and Turkey Hill’s went. The milk I bought on Saturday had been in a cow the morning before, Rutter’s and Turkey Hill can’t top that!

The farm is open to all visitors. You can go see the calves, check out the cows (they’re all girls–it’s a dairy farm), see them get milked and even trying milking them if you would like.

Great tour, I highly recommend checking out the farm. Tom and his son Ean were super nice. The products are fresh and delicious with no additives and no hormones used on the cows.

90 Indian Rock Dam Road • York, PA 17403



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    Very nice. Thanks.
    On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 7:29 PM, girlboxer1970

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