Amish Godmother Meet and Greet

Well I’ve seen it all now. For the sum of $53.74, you can “meet” Amish Esther and her brother John from Discovery Channel’s Amish Mafia. <—–Esther’s Facebook page <——link to her “event”

That blows my mind since I could have met the Godfather himself, Levi, for I think, just $10 or $15! And the money from his events are donated to charity!

Here’s a couple comments from Esther’s Facebook page concerning the fee for meeting her and John. I think this is a fundraising event for John’s attorney fees!

How to rake in the fan $$

How to rake in the fan $$

Yeah, gonna pass on spending $53.74. I’m sure you’ll be heart broken Esther.

I wanna meet Hot Ass Mary and Ass Kickin’ Wayne!



  1. Julie Childers says:

    If she gets ANYONE there for that, I will be shocked! That’s insane! Levi would collect a little bit of money for pictures and signatures and it went to different causes and charities which is wonderful but this, seems a bit crazy, I wouldn’t pay anything to meet either one of them, actually, I wouldn’t pay a dime to meet ANYONE on that fake show

  2. I wonder what she would do if you did show lol would she have security watching for you trying to get in?

  3. Anonymous says:

    She needs to make it while she can ……because when the show ends she will be forgotten quickly

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