Out and About in India Day One

Day one in India was amazing. It started with a buffet breakfast where I tried everything that wasn’t Western.  I know what Frosted Flakes tastes like, I’ll pass on that. I got a good giggle out of my classmates who gave me the heads up that the cantaloupe tasted a little off.  I gave it a try and then let them know it was mango, not cantaloupe.  🙂

Our tour guide had us on the move.  Seriously, we were never given more than 20 minutes at any one place to investigate by ourselves.  I appreciate that she wants to share her knowledge with us but we can also read the sign posted everywhere in English to understand what the monuments or tombs are all about.  This way we could get more Kodak moments in.  With that thought in mind, I asked if we could start our day tomorrow at 9 am instead of 10 am in hopes of taking more photographs.

At Humayun’s Tomb today we were given the usual 20 minutes and I requested 30 minutes which our professor said was fine.  I ran to the bathroom (paid 10 cents for my professor and I to use) and then roamed about on my own.  I was still 5 minutes late getting back but I got photos no one else did!!  I also witnessed an Indian man peeing in the river but I didn’t photograph that. LOL

We ate lunch at a very popular restaurant that I believe was just outside the city named City, which means “head” because at one time, the city had human heads on poles surrounding it.  Yeah, that piece of history was a bit freaky prior to eating.

One thing that doesn’t get old is watching people drive in this country. I find myself holding my breath for these crazy Indian’s on motorcycles and mopeds!

We went to what used to be the governmental buildings while India was under British control. They are very different in appearance than the historical Indian architecture.  Our guide remarked that she didn’t feel Britain conquered India because when they left, they left behind the beautiful buildings, libraries, museums and so much more than what would have ever been here had Britain not taken control.  I guess she has a pretty good outlook on India’s past.

The culture and architecture is quite amazing. I was fascinated by the huge fountains that changed colors and noticed there was a sign posted in front of them.  I said to my teacher, “I bet that says ‘no swimming'” but he had no idea.  I asked our guide when we passed them on the way back from viewing the stretch of presidential area (that was once the British’s headquarters) and she stopped to read the sign. It said, “Do not enter the water! Danger due to electrical current!” That should keep people out because I know in Philly, PA, “No Swimming” doesn’t mean a damn thing on those fountains.

I fell asleep briefly on the bus. I’m not sure how that was possible since the constant horn blowing is enough to drive me crazy. I can’t stand beeping noises, or dinging of the seat belt warning, or even someone tapping their fingers.  I guess that means I was really tired.  That power nap came in handy. I managed to talk one student into venturing into the market area with me.  We ate chicken fried rice and chicken egg rolls until we thought we’d explode.  Even with her buying a soda, our total bill was 245 rupees which is less than $4 and she had leftovers!

Tomorrow we are going to a mosque, then to the place where Gandhi was assassinated and then catching a train that night to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in the morning.

Check back for more….I can seem to post pictures right now, only one uploaded.  Check my Facebook page if you would like to see more!

Checking out the College and Tomb of Alauddin Khalji built in 1296-1316 AD

Checking out the College and Tomb of Alauddin Khalji built in 1296-1316 AD

Good night all!



  1. I love hearing about your trip. I look forward to updates. I love you and miss you very much.

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