What the doctor said

When applying for scholarships,  the applicant usually needs to have letters of recommendation from two professors to accompany the application.

Here’s what one of my professor’s had to say.

Dear Colleagues:
I am happy to recommend Pattie Crider for the Sigma Tau Delta Senior Scholarship.
Pattie is a Professional Writing major and Religious Studies minor who maintains an excellent 3.47 GPA. She is very active in the major and in the English & Humanities Department as a whole. I speak for my colleagues as well as myself when I say that Pattie is a student whom we look forward to having in class and whose company we enjoy immensely during office hours. She is smart, curious, and hard working. Add to that potent academic combination Pattie’s great people skills and wicked sense of humor, and I imagine that you can understand why I think of her so highly.
Pattie has also been active in Department-related extracurricular activities. I can speak most confidently on Pattie’s contributions to The Spartan. Pattie has been a stalwart member of the staff for several years, and I am grateful for her devotion to this important College institution. She has written numerous article that have been published, and she’s done all of this work for no pay or academic credit. Indeed, it’s difficult to find students who will really commit themselves to The Spartan given its lack of tangible reward. Pattie’s service, then, is all the more admirable.
Pattie Crider would be a worthy recipient of the Sigma Tau Delta Senior Scholarship, and I ask that you carefully consider her application. In the meantime, if I can answer any questions about Pattie, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

See…they love me…they really love me!  LOL ~P.


  1. Did you get the scholarship

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