Esther gets beaten on Halloween

I'mir R. Williams & Esther Schmucker

I’mir R. Williams & Esther Schmucker

You would think after filing 3 petitions from abuse orders against I’mir R. Williams (Mirkat), Esther would have gone through with one of them.

I’m not placing blame on the victim here because I understand how it feels to be in love with someone and just not know what to do when that person treats you like shit.

I hope now that Mirkat has gone so far as to mess up her face, breaking her teeth and I’m sure crushing her spirit, this should be a HUGE clue.  If a man threatens you…says he is going to chop you into pieces or as I was told, “they’ll never find your body”, believe it and get the hell away from him as soon as possible.

Also, since this loser rapper Mirkat is on the lam…if anyone knows where he is, report him to the police!!!

And Esther…since I know you read my blog, I never had anything against you personally.  It’s all about writing what people are interested in reading. So block me or don’t block me on Twitter, I’m still going to write about the Amish Mafia.

It’s a shame the Amish Mafia isn’t real because Levi and his gang need to put a hurting on this loser.


  1. What a nasty bitch

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