I’ll give you a ride


Last Tuesday, Dale and I picked up my son Jarrid from work and headed to The Glad Crab.  Jarrid and I had a pitcher of beer between us. Dale and Jarrid shot a game of pool then Jarrid and I took a turn.  This was the first time my son and I went out for a drink and the first time we shot a game of pool. I beat him when he dropped the eight ball ahead of schedule.  I’ll take that win. 😉 We split that dive and headed to Frank’s Theater to see Machete Kills.

I was feeling pretty good…and a bit loud as we entered the theater. I saw a dude with a mohawk and I I yelled, “Dude!  Nice mohawk” as I waved my hand over my head imagining that I too had a mohawk. He grinned and said, “thanks!” and I said, “no problem!”

Jarrid turned to me and said, “you don’t drink much do you?”

“Pretty obvious huh?” I replied.

“Very” he answered.

I was impressed they had a bar in the theater, but I saw no reason to give myself a hangover.

The theater was nearly empty. How do they make money?!

As the previews finished up and the piracy warning came on the screen I had the urge to read it out loud. This greatly embarrassed Jarrid for some reason, and I felt satisfied in creating that embarrassment. My opportunity to make up for all the times he embarrassed me in public as a child.

The movie was pretty cool. Lots of familiar faces and Lady Gaga half dressed to boot. I got a kick out of her part. After the movie I hit the head and Jarrid went outside to smoke a cigarette.

When Dale and I joined Jarrid outside, he was talking to a young, black girl.  She asked to borrow his phone and was trying to reach someone to pick her up. She said her friends must have left thinking she had found a ride after work when actually, she was mopping the floor.  No one answered her call.

I felt bad for her and said, “I’ll give you a ride home.”

Jarrid and her both said, “really?” at the same time and I laughed.

“Yes really. Where do you live?”

She lived in an apartment by Penn Park and that sealed the deal.  There was no way I was letting this girl try to walk home after midnight.

We piled into my car and she began to sneeze at the sight of Ying. The dog with no hair was causing her allergies to act up. Well, things can’t be perfect, I suppose.

Lucky for her that was the worst of the situation. Three white folk and a hairless dog….but a safe ride home.

Go out of your way to help someone in need.  Pay it forward and perhaps the karma bus will break when she barrels down your street.



  1. Why was there a dog left alone in a vehicle?? You do know that if the right person would have seen you could have been charged with animal cruelity?? I hate people who take an animal away with them knowing it has to stay locked up in the vehicle!!!

    • Ying goes with me lots of places, temperature permitting. He looks forward to it and I know this because as soon as I pick up my keys, he runs to the door. I don’t see it as animal cruelty at all because the other choice would be to crate him which give him no room to move and almost always leads to him peeing and pooping in the cage which he rolls around in.

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