Dear Christine de Pizan~The Nature of Women

Pattie Crider


Response 12

October 7, 2013


Christine 1364-1430

The Nature of Women

Dear Christine de Pizan,


I read a section from The Treasure of the City of Ladies, and was quite taken by your work. The selection on slander was fascinating, but my letter is to address the nature of women you described back in the 1400’s.

In the 21st century, men no longer have the control over the world that they once held. In fact, in my opinion, if it were not for the amazing, ethical, eloquent women that have risen through the centuries, our world would be in great demise. Not that we do not have our fair share of problems to still work through.

While men still hold the higher ranks in the work force, in political seats and military service, women have grown in ways you never would have imagined. We no longer are expected to be “timid”, which I interpreted as shy or quiet. I agree that men are more hot-headed than women, and that in general, women handle the urgencies in life, putting themselves behind the needs of others.

Women today have changed in numerous ways that would blow your mind—if you were alive that is—like, we don’t even have to wear dresses. And women can take any career they find themselves called to, even a president. The President of the United States has always been a man, but women are stepping forward and challenging the male dominated position.

I’m sure this is a bit over-whelming to you. The fact that I’m reading in college, what you wrote so long ago makes it clear to me that you were an amazing writer, poet, and orator in your time. I am blessed to read your fine art and grateful for the knowledge I have gained.




Pattie de Dover

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