Missing Student Found in Canada

By Taylor Gamber


News of missing York College student Aaron Frishkorn was first released to the public on Monday, Sept. 16. Fliers with Frishkorn’s picture, description, and the Campus Safety Department’s number attached were posted around campus. Campus Safety also sent out a well-intended informative email on Tuesday, Sept. 17, which was unfortunately filed into students’ spam folders and went mostly unread.

Students immediately began posting on various social media websites about the missing senior sports management major, even if they did not know him personally.  

Kelsey Reynolds was one of many students who reached out to Twitter followers about Frishkorn. Reynolds tweeted, “It’s so sad seeing all the missing person posters this morning. #prayersforaaron #bringhimhomesafe.” Reynolds said that she made the tweet because, in addition to also being a York College student, Frishkorn is from her hometown (Elizabethtown) and she wanted to see him return safely to his friends and family.  

Frishkorn was last seen according to the York College Department of Campus Safety’s email “early Monday morning, September 16, at his campus residence.” After skipping classes and important meetings, according to the York Daily Record, Aaron was reported missing. His car was absent from campus grounds and he did not respond to those trying to reach him on his cell phone.

YCP students continued to use what connections they had to spread the word on Frishkorn’s disappearance. Even the notoriously sarcastic Twitter account, YCPProblems, used the 140 character limit to tweet a sincere and supportive “Students, Aaron Frishkorn is still missing! Please alert everyone you know and be on the lookout for him!”  

Local newspapers such as YDR began posting updates on the case every couple of hours, keeping students and the York community well informed. Several TV stations, including CBS 21 and WGAL, also ventured onto campus to cover the unfolding story.

Much to everyone’s relief, Frishkorn was found Wednesday Sept. 18—in Canada. His discovery closed the missing person’s case but created a new story: an alleged theft case.

Frishkorn had become a possible suspect in making “unauthorized withdrawals from the York College Sports Management Student Association account” according to YDR, for which he is still listed as the president. An investigation is still determining if the theft was related to his disappearance on Monday.

An abundance of support flowed from the York community and college campus during the Frishkorn disappearance last week. Students who barely knew Frishkorn reached out and expressed concern for his safety. Regardless of the alleged theft entanglement, YCP and the York community should take pride in their Good Samaritan endeavors.


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